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Business Office - Linda Stewart

Business Office - Laura Henderson

Laundry - Molly Banks

Crystal Saulters with Frank N Stein

Nurse, Judy Burchfield

Nurse, Carol Barker

Lori Maddox with the Bride

Solita Collard with Frank N Stein

Dining Room

Party Emcee, Lisa Tyler

Party Planner, Brian Brandenburg

Lisa Tyler and Brian Brandenburg

Brian Brandenburg Kissing the Bride

Tammy Condit and Russ Johnson, CARE Facilities Director

Solita Collard

Rae Spake

Roy Deen Putting on His Best Face

Mary Deen as Puff the Magic Dragon

Laura Martin

Tonight there was a big Halloween party at CARE. Brian Brandenburg worked with our Activity Director, Lisa Tyler, to have a big one. Brian is in his element when doing this sort of thing; that was what he did during his career. The dining room was decorated with all kinds of things hanging from the ceiling, on the walls and windows, and everywhere else Brian could think of putting something!

Some of the people came in costumes but I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who showed up in “civilian” clothes. My official excuse was that a costume would interfere with my photographing duties. Brian wants me to make a special album that visitors can browse; so I took lots of photos. Roy Deen also took a great many.

The entertainment included a trivia quiz, charades, Pictionary and a sing-along with a karaoke machine. Three people were selected to judge the costumes for sexiest, ugliest and most original. The winners received $5 gift certificates to the CARE Thrift ‘n’ Gift shop. Of course, there were also plenty of snacks. It was a good party.

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