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Bingo last night (Bill is red shirt, far left)

Bill calling bingo last night

We ended up going to the movies early Monday to see The Post. We were surprised when we left the theater and saw the sun shining brightly. Dinner with Randy and Karen was a large pot of hearty soup, which really hit the spot. They let us know that they have made reservations for next winter down in the Rio Grande Valley. It's a huge winter snowbird destination about three hours SE of San Antonio. They had a harrowing drive down here in an ice storm the last week of December. Karen doesn't want to make the long drive from SE Minnesota any more (Randy is nearly blind), so next winter they will fly into San Antonio and rent a car to get to Donna, TX. It's supposed to be warmer down in there, but it's also more humid. We sure will miss them. We also found out that another couple that are here won't be coming back - at least not with their rig (there are lots of cabins here). The husband has developed a severe neurological problem and has been ordered by his doctor to immediately stop all driving. They have a motorhome, and have posted For Sale signs, trying to sell it. If they can't sell it they will have to find someone to drive it back home (the wife, like me, can't drive it). They think FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association - most of us are members) will be able to help them. What's doubly sad about this is that he is a farmer, and now won't be able to operate his machinery, either. While we are losing folks in the campground, we also have several couples here for the first time. It drizzled on and off all day yesterday, but the cupboard didn't leak, so I folded up and put away the pee pad for next time. We spent the morning at the laundromat (we go every two weeks). By the time everything was washed, dried, folded, brought back here and put away it was nearly lunchtime. It drives me a bit nuts having to sit at a laundromat for an hour+ and do nothing productive (besides reading my book) while we wait. At home, I'm always doing two or three other things while I'm washing clothes. Since even Mo didn't want any long walks yesterday with the mist, I found some time in the afternoon to work on my oriole CP (colored pencil) project. The floors stayed clean for about a day, and are once again covered in grass, leaves and dirt. My parents used to have a weird saying that was something like: "What if the President suddenly shows up?!" If he had the nerve to say anything about the floors, I'd just hand him a broom and tell him to get on it! Last night, Bill volunteered to call bingo to relieve the other volunteer (our regular caller's wife took ill, so they didn't make it down here this year). We had over 50 folks show up to play! Bill did a great job, and will do it again next week, with the other guy resuming the role the following two weeks. I didn't win last night, but two of the new people won, and it was fun to see their excitement. It's cold (42) and dreary again today, but at least it's not raining. I've changed from the shorts a few days ago back to jeans and a sweatshirt. We don't have any plans so far for today. Neither of us slept well last night (aches and pains), so we may be napping later. Tomorrow night is the first pot luck of the season. I think they are bringing in a local band to entertain us while we stuff ourselves.

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