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Today I was supposed to go with Scott, to help Greg get his luggage to the airport bus, but I had had a shocking night, with very little sleep. When I woke up, Scott was about to leave, so I asked him to give Greg my apologies, and I would be in touch.

Still feeling really sleepy, I went back to my bed to try and catch up. I also bailed on going out to the Dinghu campus today, as I just felt too worn!

Later in the afternoon, I went back to the phone shop, to see if the young man could install Facebook, Gmail and my AVG anti-virus onto my new phone.

While I was waiting, I saw a young man walking up the street towards me, and thought I recognized him. Sure enough, he was the guy I used to buy all my computer bits and pieces from, years ago.

I had looked in Computer City for him, but had not been able to find him, so presumed his little shop had gone out of business.

Sure enough it was Wanli, and he was very happy to see me, and shook my hand like a long lost friend, which is how I consider him too! We chatted for a while, and then he helped with translating and was able to tell me that we cannot install Gmail in China, and that I do not need AVG here. So, at least I have Facebook, which I can open with my VPN.

He said he would get me a price for a hi-speed micro-SD card for my phone, and can deliver it to me, when he gets it.

It was so good to see him again, and he remembers Barb and Andy, who originally found him. And when they did, we were all so thrilled to have a computer expert who spoke a little English. It certainly made life easier for all of us!

Later in the evening, I had messages from him, to give me prices on the cards, so I made a choice, and he tells me he will be able to deliver it on Friday.

Once Greg was at the airport hotel, he sent me lots of photos and information, which will prepare me for when Carol arrives. It could be just what we need, unless someone offers to drive and pick her up from the airport, at the ridiculous arrival time of 2.10am! At least now I have a solid alternative, that will make life easier for us!

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