2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

Today's route

Renovated GMC motorhome driving up I10

Winnie at the sea/Apache Junction KOA

Hot rod seen on the way back from the grocery store

Superstition Mountains at sunset

A couple of cowboys riding out of the sunset

Hot rod outside Hot Rods

A Cobra sitting in the shop

There were 2 Monaco Diplomats in the junk yard with the cab...

Arizona RV Salvage looks more like a dump than a salvage yard

Nothing worth picking off of these old RV's

"Solving Environmental Concerns Efficiently, Effectively, and Ethically" - Somewhat ironic given the...

Southwest 737 airing at Sky Harbor, Phoenix through the bug splattered windshield

Carnival rides that caused the problems on I17

Giant Kokopelli in Camp Verde

Scenes along I17

Rain and storm moving into Flagstaff area

Snow on the mountain

Winnie at the Flagstaff KOA

Hail on the table and ground

Before leaving Tucson, we had dinner at a place called Hot Rods. It's a combination bar and grille and car/motorcycle restoration shop. You have dinner or drinks at tables that overlook cars in various stages of restoration. The shop's only open 8-5 Monday through Friday. It wasn't very crowded for a Saturday night, but there was a lively group of Oregon Ducks fans there to watch them upset No. 1 seed Kansas to move onto the Final 4 in the NCAA tournament. It's an interesting concept for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, but the food was only so so.

We spent Sunday night at the KOA in Apache Junction near Mesa, AZ so we could move on to Phoenix in the morning to get the wheel cover for Winnie at Arizona RV Salvage. The visit turned out to be a disappointment. The people working behind the counter didn't recognize my name and couldn't tell me if they had the wheel cover I needed. Once I found the person that I had exchanged e-mails, he showed me wheel covers that were not the right ones to match Winnie's. Finally, they told me I could go out in the yard to see what I could find. Just what I wanted today was walk around a junk yard looking for wheel covers. The yard was a mess with no organization to make it easier to find what you need. I strolled around a little and finally left empty handed. I guess I'll just have to spring for a new one at $160 from a Winnebago dealer. For any of the RV'ers, I would not recommend Arizona RV Salvage.

After the aborted trip to the junk yard, we headed north up I17. The road climbs out of the Valley of the Sun where the elevation is about 1,000 ft. to about 6,500 ft. in Flagstaff. Winnie did not like it and overheated causing us to have to stop twice to cool off. We also got caught behind 2 trucks carrying carnival rides. The trucks came to a complete stop for some reason on the steepest and longest part of the climb. We couldn't pass because of other traffic so had to sit and wait. We finally were able to pull around to pass the carnival trucks. Our original plan was to stop in or near Sedona for a day or two, but all of the nearby parks were full. Plan B was to stop in Flagstaff. I'm not sure why Winnie is overheating so I'm going to try to get into someplace on Tuesday to get a diagnosis before we move further north were services are few and far between.

We got into the Flagstaff KOA late afternoon in the rain. As I was trying to get settled it started hailing and there was some thunder. The hail stones weren't as big as those we saw at Monahans Sand Hills a couple of weeks ago, but there were a lot of them. It looks like it's going to be a winter night as temperatures are supposed to drop to the upper 20's and there may be some snow. I guess we'll have to turn on the heat and get out the blankets. Stay tuned.

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