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swirls of gulls

Last summer Ken read glowing reviews about this park. We thought it would be fun to stay here for a while, but even last summer it was almost totally booked for the winter and we feel lucky to be here for three whole days. It's a small park, which began as a beach park. While it's always great to be able to park on the beach, the sites there are on asphalt and have a parking lot vibe. We are in a new section, which is much more spacious and better equipped, but we have to walk across the street to see the surf. We"re close enough that the sound of the waves lulls us to sleep. Some of the park infrastructure still shows signs of Hurricane Matthew and is waiting to be repaired.

The even smaller Frank Rendon Park, about half an hour south of here was on our "must see" list. Every evening about 30,000 sea gulls gather there for the night. Nearly every beach has seagulls and they are well adapted to live alongside us everywhere, but in this quantity, the sight is awesome. This part of the beach is packed hard enough to drive on, but the gulls paid no attention to the cars cruising by. The reason they are here in such quantity is far from romantic. The gulls feed at a nearby garbage dump during the day and in the evening they fly over to the park and make themselves at home on the beach. The memory of the sheer spectacle of that many gulls will plague my nightmares for years to come. Alfred Hitchcock knew what he was doing.

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