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Carpes at Roanoke Rapids Wally

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Spring green graces trees along I 95

Rural interchanges make perfect driver switching places

Now that's what we call a wide load

Mon, 23 May: Another day, another Wally...

Now that the weather has cooled (or have we driven sufficiently north?) we are back to spending our overnites at Wal*Marts. Last evening was at the Wally in Dillon SC and this is being written at the Wally in Roanoke Rapids NC. Wallys are always convenient and (mostly) easy in easy out with minimal fuss. They can be somewhat noisy, but that's what ear plugs are for.

Shortly after heading to bed a thunder cell went thru with heavy rain and some hail. It didn't linger so we enjoyed a restful nite.

We awoke to a chilly 55°F and actually ran the bedroom furnace a bit to ward off the chill. That's the first time its been used for several months. We enjoyed a nice breakfast—we try not to scrimp on breakfast—and got the coach ready for the road. After going thru our checklists and confirming that the car's brakes and lites were working, Sandi rolled wheels at 0835.

We were only a short distance from the Interstate (see note about Wally's being noisy) so in no time we were rolling north. A few miles later we crossed into the Tar Heel State of North Carolina and watched major speed enforcement along the way. At one point we saw five individual cruisers waiting for their next "customer". We drive a bit under the speed limit so we just roll by and enjoy the show.

At roughly midway we pulled off the interstate and immediately back on the on-ramp where we stopped to switch drivers. Off/on-ramps are a fairly safe place to stop for that purpose. Soon after Bob taking the helm it started to drizzle and it rained off and on the balance of the drive. Nice picking of drive rotation Sandi...

We exited the Interstate at exit #173 and are currently parked at the Roanoke Rapids Wal*Mart. This is a large and level lot and they welcome RVers. Again, it is fairly close to I 95 so we'll be using the ear plugs tonite.

Today's run was 179 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8½ MPG.

The Virginia line is a half-dozen or so miles to our north so we'll cross into another state first thing tomorrow. The Thousand Trails Williamsburg is roughly 110 miles so it should be an easy drive. We'll be in Williamsburg till early June and look forward to sightseeing, visiting, and enjoying our wonderful retirement lifestyle.

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