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Buckets of leg room (yes I am wearing shorts!)l personal TV and...

Ambling around town...

El pipila

View of town


Selfie in the plaza

One of the many theatres

Let's go mining

The plaza at night

The lake above town..

Mummie museum....


Not sure how I feel about this..

After 10 hours on the bus (and yes it was business class again and this time I even got a pack lunch and my own private TV- woop woop!!) I arrived in Guanahuato at midnight. I took a taxi to my hostel, walked down about 200 steps to Casa Del Dante and knocked on the door;

Man at door 'Sorry check in closes at midnight'

Me 'I rang yesterday to say I would be coming at midnight'

Man at door 'check in closes at midnight'

Me 'it's 12.10, I have a reservation'

Man at door 'check in closes at midnight I don't think we have space '

Me 'I rang yesterday and booked a dorm bed and said I would here at midnight'

Man at door 'oh look here is your reservation'

Grrrrrrr this was the shortened version of events - why is it only after these crazy long buses that things don't run smoothly?! So to bed in a room full of other people sleeping!!

I woke to a gorgeous sunny day and an even more beautiful view of the town - it is set in a valley with brightly painted houses scaling the hills all around. I LIKE THIS PLACE!! Then I discovered I liked it even more - the breakfast that was included in the hostel price was phenomenal - a far cry from the bananas and stale bread in the Yukatan - sorry Rach!! After a hearty feast I wandered into town and continued to wander all day - though cobbled streets into plazas with amazingly manicured Laurel trees, passed beautiful houses and amazing architecture, into a few museums (including a mummy museum - WEIRD!!), and I ended up walking along a road that gave me a stunning panoramic view of the town - a few happy snaps and selfies and back to hostel up the steep 150 plus steps (don't worry I didn't do these with my back pack last night I got the taxi to drop me at the drop - forward planning 𯘉!!) I then spent the evening with an eclectic mix of people from my dorm, a Taiwanese girl, a Japanese girl, a Chinese guy, a Correan guy and an American and it was great because the common language was English!! And I am so pleased I bought some jeans in PV - it certainly is chilly at night - not used to this!!

Day two in Guanahuato - I took the bus to Leon to check out the shops as they are the centre for leather production in Mexico - I could have bought a fair few pairs of super cool cowboy boots but my bag is already soooo full!! Then I headed to Valenciana to a mine that was where they had started mining silver in Guanahuato and what in turn made the town so rich- more steps!!! In the evening I headed out with a few people from the hostel and had a great Mexican meal whilst we all swapped recommendations of where to go and not to go around Mexico!!

Day three in Guanahuato and I walked up to the hill to a beautiful lake and damn and then back to the hotel to pack my bag - how is it so full already?!And I have left stuff in PV - oh dear!! Eventually stuffed it all in and said good bye and off to San Miguel Del Allende.

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