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Paddleboarders on the way - Seward


Travel day. FINALLY saw the summit of Mt McKinley as we traveled south! I have some pix, but I doubt you will be able to tell icy mountain from clouds. Will try, though. Seeing the mountain was really cool, but we saw something else just as amazing! On the way into Seward, you drive through a couple of long "arms", or fjords. These are long, skinny water bodies that have tidal flow. Because they are so skinny, the tides go in and out in just a blink of an eye. They are known as tidal bores or bore tides. We came into one of these arms just as the tide was going out. It created one large wave that goes on for many miles. Although the temp was 59 degrees, paddle boarders and surfers were lined up to ride the tidal bore out. And ride, they did! We took some pix and Steve even got a video. This site won't allow videos, so I hope the still pix convey this amazing phenomenon!

Raining today, and rain expected the rest of the week. But cool, smokeless, rainy days are better than smoky hot days. Pix not so great though.

Happy Tuesday!

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