2015 Texas Trek travel blog

Lunch at the Auslander Restaurant and Biergarten

National Museum of the Pacific War

Sub diving below the "waves" in front of the Museum

Why was Adm. Nimitz's ring finger missing?

USS Nimitz scale model and link of anchor chain

Memorial Garden and Plaza of Presidents

Japanese mini-sub that attacked Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

B-25 Doolittle Raiders attacked Tokyo in 1942 from the decks of the...

Some of the displays in the Museum

Adrenaline Rally 2015 Memorial Tour

Texas Longhorn peering through the wildflowers

Another Longhorn

Enchanted Rock

Another view of Enchanted Rock

View out over the hills near Enchanted Rock

Elks lounging in the field

Sue buying some peaches

The peaches - 5 for $6 - tiny and hard. I hope...

We spent the afternoon at the National Museum of the Pacific War. It's a 6-acre complex that consists of the Admiral Nimitz Museum in the old Nimitz Hotel, the George H. W. Bush Gallery, the Pacific Combat Zone, Plaza of the Presidents, Memorial Courtyard, and the Japanese Garden of Peace. When 5:00PM rolled around it was obvious that we weren't going to be able to see everything. It looks like a full day is the minimum that you need to get through everything at the museum. We did a quick run through the Nimitz Museum, the Memorial Garden and Plaza of the Presidents, but weren't able to get through the entire Bush Gallery. It seems that most everyone is more familiar with the European Theater history than the Pacific Theater. This museum present all of the details of the war in the Pacific. The Plaza of Presidents has memorial to the 10 consecutive Presidents from FDR to Ronald Reagan who had prior military experience before becoming President. The string was broken by Clinton. We ran out of time to see the special exhibit on Bob Hope and Pacific Combat Zone that has many of the larger pieces of military hardware on display.

After the museum closed we decided to drive out of town to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Enchanted Rock is the second largest granite formation in North America. Like Ayer's Rock (Uluru) in Australia, it was considered sacred by the Indians of the region. Along the way we passed a herd of Texas Longhorns and a pair of elk. While I was photographing the rock, a stream of exotic sports cars came streaming up the hill. They all had windshield stickers "Adrenaline Rally" on them. I Googled it and found out that "Adrenaline Rally is an annual Texas based exotic, luxury & high end sports car rally event that blends the best driving roads throughout the country, the best nightclubs, and the best race tracks and racing events into an action packed, adrenaline pumping weekend. " Apparently what we saw was the 2015 Memorial Run from Dallas to Austin designed to remember veterans those who lost their life in service. A portion of the registration fees are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Who knew?

We had planned on going back to Old Tunnel to see the bats, but it looked like rain all afternoon so we decided against it. By the time sunset cam, the sky's had cleared and it would have been a nice night to watch bats. Maybe some other time as we have to pass through this area again in a week or so on our way to the coast. Plenty to see in Fredericksburg.

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