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"Follow Me" - Statue honoring all members of the US Army Infantry

30 cal water cooled machine gun like Sue's Dad crewed in WWII

Love Bill Mauldin's Willie and Joe cartoons

Audie Murphy's hat and uniform ribbons

US flag made in Austria from a Nazi flag (red) and Austrian...

I never knew there were so many concentration camps in Germany/Poland -...

Standard pack load for a WWII infantryman

Head covering to protect against mosquitos in the Pacific

Japanese two toe boots

Honoring all of the Infantry Divisions who fought in WWII

The 87th was one of them - Battle of the Bulge and...

Greatest Battle Never Fought - Invasion of Japan - the 87th was...

Claymore anti-personnel mine - I was always amused by the message on...

POW/MIA bracelets from the Vietnam war

Sue waiting out the rain

This family couldn't wait for the rain to stop

Wet Walk of Honor

87th Infantry Division Monument

Sniper monument

We woke up to the sound of rain on the roof of Winnie this morning. Even if I had had golf clubs with me there was too much rain to play. We decided to drive to Fort Benning to visit the National Infantry Museum. When we were there in 2013 to dedicate the monument to the veterans of the 87th Infantry Division we missed some of the displays on WWII and other eras that were closed because of the government shutdown. We enjoyed the WWII exhibits and its a shame that the vets who attended the dedication didn’t get to see it.

By the time we left, the rain had arrived with a vengeance. We had to sit under the portico in hopes that it would let up a little to allow us to get to the car without getting drenched. After about 30 minutes the rain hadn’t slowed up so I ran in between the drops to get the umbrella so Sue could get to the car without ruining her doo. I am such a gentleman.

While at the Museum, I wanted to visit the Walk of Honor where the 87th memorial is located to see how it held up after 2 winters, but it was raining so hard I didn’t think I would be able to get out of the car. By the time we got around to the parking lot near the Walk of Honor, the rain had nearly stopped. It looks the monument is holding up well as the colors on the emblem and the lettering don’t look at all faded and there were no cracks in the concrete foundation and walkway. It looks like there are a few new monuments along the Walk. The most noticeable one was to US Army Snipers killed in action.

Almost as soon as we left Fort Benning, the skies opened up again. There were stretches where it rained so hard you could barely see the road. By the time we got back to Americus it was dark. We decided to stop at a Mexican restaurant in town for dinner. It wasn’t bad, but the rain continued to fall heavily as we ate. On the way to the Brickyard Plantation, it was so dark and rained so hard I had to slow down to about 30MPH to prevent driving off the road. I hope we don’t float away before morning. We’ll resume our homeward trip in the morning if we don’t get stuck in the grass (sites are unpaved). Stay tuned.

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