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Elevated Motorway Bridge & Tunnels

Coastal Road

With only three days before our return ferry trip to the mainland we need to decide where to go & where to stay for the next two nights. We were well along the North coast & the City of Palermo seemed to be an obvious place to head for. I started off along the winding coast road but we had a couple of challenges with Ethel, our SatNav & had to make a very tricky turn about in one small town where a couple of guys stopped us on the narrow street & advised us, in French, that we would not get through because of the balconies hanging out from the first floor windows.

We made it back onto the main road again & finally got to Palermo late morning & unscathed, thank goodness. We drove through the outskirts of Palermo but decided that we didn't really want to tackle another big city so we turned & headed to the South coast. Sicily seems to all mountains & narrow coastal strips & as we headed South over the mountains we were surprised to come across a convoy of fifty or so Italian motorhomes all heading North towards Palermo, quite a sight. We've only seen a handful of other motorhomes on the road all through Italy so this was quite remarkable.

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