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Carpe at the Fulton MO Wally

US 65 north of Branson

It started raining just south of Springfield

US 54 passed thru Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks tourist chic

US 54 thru Jefferson City

We crossed the Missouri River at Jefferson City

Heavy rain along US 54 north of Jefferson City

Driver almost "loses" dangerously loaded trailer
Too much weight for a mini import...

Sat, 24 May: A wet Memorial weekend road trip.

We got things packed up, went thru our check lists, hooked up the car, and hit the road. After two weeks of luxurious doing nothing it was time to scratch our "hitch itch" and hit the road.

We backtracked along US 65 Business thru Hollister to US 65 and then north thru Springfield. The skies were cloudy as we got ready to roll, and just south of Springfield the drips and drops appeared on the windshield. Bob continued north thru town to pick up US 54, which we took east thru central Missouri.

The roads were in excellent condition, and were very scenic despite the intermittent rain. US 54 took us thru the Lakes of the Ozarks region, which were, despite the rain, buzzing with holiday weekend tourists.

We added $200 of diesel to our tank in Urbana. We were at half a tank and the station was large enough for us to get in and out easily. We take what we can get when we can get it. Lunch at a Wally parking lot in Urbana and then thru Mexico and Jefferson City.

A bit after two we arrived in Fulton where we are currently settled for the nite in their Super Wally parking lot. Today's run was 215 miles with a fuel rating just south of eight mpg. Hills really kill economy.

Tomorrow is another scheduled road day that should get us within an easy drive of our current objective, HWH factory service in Moscow Iowa.

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