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True Adventure Riding....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prepare yourself for our most adventurous day yet. This includes all riding over the last 90 years between all of us.

After reviewing our adventure for the day we realized that this could be a very difficult ride into Copper Canyon....Apprehension by Mark was overcome after a convincing sales pitch about what would be missed and let's say "There was a lot of action this day that would have been missed"!!!

What started out with trying to find the actual dirt road that was about 100 miles to Batopilas was not clearly marked. We used aerial imagery from Google and saving them on Justin's phone, that became our only source of mapping for the area. The road to Batopilas was a sandy dirt and rock road that seemed to have some traffic on it but is definitely not used by all.

We found out about 30 miles in when we were greeted by the Sheriff, Judge, and Jury wanting to know our purpose of why we were on their road in this Lawless area. After accepting the demand to remove our GoPro's, we provided our testimony as to why the beauty of Copper Canyon is an Adventure riders dream and why we were there. The Jury consulted with each other and let us know there are no fines, no penalties, and no reason to hold us any longer. We were told they are only there to keep their enemies away and they wanted nothing with us or from us. They did ask for a bottle of water which we happily provided and moved on-wards!!! (No pictures of this event, Sorry!)This encounter will be unforgettable for us!!! There is a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day!!!

Knowing that this being the only route we continued on and came across some amazing views of Copper Canyon.

We made it to the river at the base and came to a "T" in the road with a decision to go left or right?? Hmmmm?? Left seem to go towards Bahochivo and that was the wrong direction we wanted to head. So, we traveled to the right and after several miles of hillclimb we found ourselves at a chain wrapped gate with armed security guards, one at the gate and one on the hillside above us. Our 1st thought was, not again. But, quickly realizing they were super nice and very helpful in assisting us to find our way to Batopilas. After a discussion and showing them the map we had, and the road we thought we were on, we realized they had built a Gold Mine here.

The security guard made a phone call and we were escorted through a fully operational and very large gold mine. We winded through the mine about 3 miles, to the river. When we arrived at the river the truck proceeded into the river and the water was midway into his doors of the truck.

We watched with sweat dripping down and the immediate thought of how are WE going to get across the 100 yards of water rushing down the river? This again was a point of no return so Alan walked into the river examining the best route. As he turned back to the others, Justin had already started into the river with his HP. We all helped hold his bike upwards as he hit the large cobblestones and accelerated keeping the bike running so it would not take in water on his air intake. Success!!!

Then went Alan quickly crossing. Mark had some troubles with his 2014 1200GS when the traction control would kick in and made more of a hindrance than an assist. He was still able to get through. And following the rear was Pat, is skinny tires made an easy route through all the rocks at the bottom of the river...All successful. This was just the beginning of what we were about to see!!!!!!!!

The instructions given after crossing the river were brief.

Climb to the top of the mountain and you will come across a small village, then ask for directions to Batopilas!! No mention about the difficulty in the road or how far or which way to turn when we come across another unmarked road! This climb was the most technically challenging part of the trip for Mark and Pat.

There was a procession of dumping the bike(s) time after time.

Alan did multiple dead-lifts helping them pick up their bikes and definitely got his workout in. Everyone did!! The loose rocks on the steep uphills and tight turns on the downhills created extreme difficulty. The Terrain was rugged, the views were unbelievable.

The wild pigs, goats, and donkey's used this road as their pathway. These should be something on a farm but there were no farms around and when approached they got very defensive.

Not to mention they all looked more healthy than the ones we saw on the farms on this journey. Riding on the edge of cliffs with this difficulty on a recently cut in road by a bulldozer brough the intensiveness to the ride. Even with the difficulty, this was exciting!!!

Arriving at the small village we made the decision that it would still take several hours to get to Batopilas, without the confidence we were even on the right road, we made the decision to stop and ask them if we could stay there. We were greeted with several children starring at us and when we spoke to them they ran the other direction. We saw an old man, who called himself Victor. Victor was amazing!!!

Although, our Spanish is still pretty bad, Alan and Justin were able to have a lengthy conversation with Victor and he offered his fenced in horse arena as a safe place to stay for the night. He called his town Cuesta Colorado. Ironic from some Coloradans. This is when we knew we were in the right place. They were Mexican Indian from the tribe Tarahumara! Water was pumped from the river, electricity was not present, when asked where to use the bano he continued to call out "Puente, Puente" meaning the River!!

There were only about 30 people here, and about 20 of them were children. We had been carrying suckers for the kids along the trip and left the kids of Cuesta Colorado suckers! We set up camp and keeping a low profile, we feasted on freeze dried food around the camp stove between the bikes.

From being exhausted from today's workout, bedtime was at 7:30pm!!! As was the entire village, actually we may have stayed up about an hour longer than the people of Cuesta Colorado.

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