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Right on cue - the bee eaters return home at sunset


Brilliant colours

Well organised colony

Can't get enough of these little charmers!

A Hamerkop watches above the colony - it's all good, they're only...

After the flurry of colour and end-of-day rituals by the bee eaters...

Afternoon cruise was very good particularly the bee eater colony and sunset on the water.

Booked on all day drive tomorrow starting at 6:30 with breakfast in the bush so another early night required.

Dining at Selous is different to other camps in that tables are moved outside, lovely to be under the stars - and we're widely spread out. You don't really get an option to dine with anyone else at your table - more of a defined group / family atmosphere. Plenty of people around, though, which is a nice change even though we've enjoyed the relative solitude of Katavi.

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