Being Elite - Spring 2013 travel blog

It was raining when we drove the rental car to Midway Airport. Not that remarkable, but after seven inches a few days ago, we surely did not need more. The collar counties around Chicago have been declared disaster areas due to all the flooding. But for us the day went smoothly. We dropped off the car in the new rental car facility, took the shuttle to the terminal, went right to the ticket counter to check in, and hardly waited at the security check. According to the signs there, if we had been born in 1937 we would not have to take off our shoes. Something to look forward to, I guess. The plane was not full. We both sat on the aisle and had empty seats next to us. By the time we got to the carousel, the bags were spinning by. This is the way air travel should be (and used to be)!

Since Ft. Lauderdale has more cruise ships based here than any other port (in the US at least) we have been here more times than we can remember. The rental car has no GPS, but Ken doesn't need one. He drove around like a native and we reviewed a number of good eating memories before deciding to eat at a favorite spot on the water. The hotel is fairly empty. Check in staff said that the season is over and they are only busy on the weekends when many cruise ships leave. That must be why we got a good deal for an extended stay room complete with real kitchen facilities.

We're off to a great start.

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