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snow ahead


It was ironic that if Palm Springs only has two days a year without sunshine, we were there for 1 - 1/2 of those days. It even rained last night. The passing storm deposited picturesque layers of snow in the mountains nearby, but by the time the slides were pulled in and we were ready to leave, the sky was turning blue again and the roads were dry.

We followed the storm northeast, but never caught up with it. This meant that our vehicles stayed pretty clean, putting a trip to a Las Vegas car wash, a bit further down on Ken's list. Las Vegas is not that far from Palm Springs as the crow flies, but a mountain range and huge military base caused us to travel the long way around. The desert was mostly sand and it was hard to believe the "Possible Flooding" signs especially since the rain had just gone by and it all looked bone dry.

We had no idea that we arriving in Las Vegas on a big weekend, something we should have guessed since Las Vegas has a lot of big weekends. A NASCAR event has filled up our campground. We are camped in town so the sites are closely spaced. But we have 95 cable TV channels and the internet is blazingly fast. No place is perfect.

We don't watch NASCAR and never gamble, but we are here to see what's new and enjoy a show or two. There are nice places to hike outside of town. A bargain buffet may be in the cards as well.

We spent the evening meeting new friends Mike & Elizabeth who found us via our RV Navigator podcast. They discovered us as they have begun research for a life as full time RV'ers. Mike travels a lot for business and can set his own schedule and it dawned on him that he could be working from the road, sleeping in his own bed and bringing his wife and pets with him. It sounded like he would be happy never setting foot in an airport again. They have never RV'ed and have a lot to learn, so I imagine all the advice we gave them has set their heads to spinning. We enjoy sharing the life on the road that we love with others and hope that they will stay in touch and figure out how to make it work for them.

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