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The slab of wood and pattern for Relief Carving project.

This was after 1/2 day of carving.

Monday's effort.

By Tuesday night.

Totem pole project - first make a square stick round.

Then use a scroll saw to cut away the wood you don't...

Front side.

Carve with knife and gouges for another day.

Front view after a day of carving.

Another day of carving.

Front view after another day of carving.

Carving Week and Medical Stuff

First the Medical Stuff: Ron is doing fine and getting stronger each day. He was able to do some walking this week and didn't get too out of breath.

We went to new GP again on Tuesday - supposedly for the hip - but Ron had been able to throw the walker away by Monday morning. After just a few questions, he diagnosed it as a bursitis in the hip - of course he had a really long name for it. Dr. said it might come back next week or a year from now or never. If is does come back to get a shot for it and use the walker if needed. No biggie. He deferred all heart stuff to Cardio Dr that we were to see on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early and got to the office are in the hospital before the staff. They drive out from Phoenix every Wednesday and are usually packed. Dr. wasn't there so we saw a new PA. She was very good and asked lots of questions. I mentioned the low iron count when Ron tried to give blood so that triggered a whole bunch of new blood tests. None of the tests needed fasting so we trotted over to the hospital and got them done.

GP Dr. called that afternoon and said Ron needed a couple more tests. So the "Breakfast Boys" dropped him off after breakfast and I went in to pick him up. We are still waiting for the results of those tests. Talked to the nurse on Friday and they hadn't gotten the results. Call back Monday.

Now carving week. Started off on Saturday with registration and then a pot luck. Got to see a bunch of friends, pick up some wood supplies and eat some good food. I also talked to the Relief Carving Teacher and he loaned me a book to get a pattern out of. Sunday, after church, we started carving. As you can see from the pictures, I carved a robin on a branch. So between Dr. visits we carved from about 8:30 to 3:45 each day with an hour and a half for lunch.

Wednesday afternoon I finished most of the relief carving and started on a totem pole. The first thing I did was to make a square stick round and then follow the directions to make the figures. I still have to get the wings done and do a lot of sanding on the pole itself, but the main figures of an eagle and a bear (looks more like a frog) are there.

I didn't carve Saturday as my house looked like a tornado had hit it and we both needed clothes. So I washed clothes, did dishes and installed the sun film we purchased last week. Ron worked on the door knob and decided we had purchased the wrong one. So that will have to go back.

Today, Bead Week starts. I have signed up as I want to learn how to wire wrap. That way I will use some of the glass I tumbled while we lived at Salome. I want to make some hanging chimes.

So that is what has happened to us. Hope you and yours are well. Stop and smell the roses and be open to what God has given you. ENJOY!!!

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