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The best start we've ever had. Dick is a one hitch hit wonder. A time zone change was made today so starting early set the tone for the day.

Those of you who have driven across southern Arizona know that it's mountains that look like piles of rock, desert, tumble weeds, and cactus . There were high wind area, look for rock, and drifting sand signs. One area smelled like manure for almost 20 miles. The fields of hay are irrigated and we saw thousands of bales on trucks and stacked in piles. Dick kept seeing rocks he thought were special and wondered if a hot line was available to report them. He kept it up until I wished I had a rock so I could ........instead I got out the magic pen Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader? The last time I had this book out we had total engine failure. I am happy to report our current truck continued to function. We made it through the border patrol check point so it was clear to Tucson.

As happens on many of our adventures Dick was not at all sure we were on the right road for the RV park. We passed some industrial settings, a low income housing project, an equestrian field, and finally the campground which is HUGE. Almost 500 sites, the pool is worthy of the name resort, large beautifully land scraped, and furnished. Our site has a paved patio and all the neighbors have introduced themselves. I have a feeling it will be a good week. Even with it in the high 90's.

More good news they let us use our Passport America card for 5 days at 50% off. It is the first time we were somewhere on the right days to use it.

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