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Today we set out to see The Keepers of the Wild. It was located at mile marker 87 on old route 66. It was to much for Dick to take the walking tour. This a park of rescued tigers, lions, monkeys, exotic birds, and more. You walk around the mountain in between fences while the animals roam free as much as possible. We were going to return at 3:30 to take the jeep tour which also the one when they feed the animals.

It was only 10:30 so we drove another 30 miles to the Grand Canyon cave. When we arrived it looked like the place old trucks go to die. This is a cave that is 22 stories below the surface. Happy there was an elevator. This was a 3/4 mile hike underground. There is a hotel room like suite in the middle of the largest cavern that you can spend the night in for $700 a couple. It is a space with about 3 foot walls no ceiling. There are no bugs but when the cave was discovered and commercialized they found the skeleton of a giant sloth. The university of Arizona kept the bones but make a fur covered replica which stands where it scratched the walls trying to get out. It is huge and ugly and would creep me out if I had $700 to spend on a night in a cave. It was an experience that made us too late to take the jeep tour at the animal park.

Kingman is the epicenter of all things old and interesting. I think we're gonna have a great week. If we can keep the couple next door hooked up. They have technical difficulties they want us to fix. Today they wanted to watch FOX news and it had no sound. Ours did ,how can you not have sound on just one cable channel? The remote was on mute. Next was the free wifi they could seen to hook up to. After loaning them our extra water hose I think they are good for the night.

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