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SUNDAY: Hello to all. We've been at Sara's house for the last 2 weeks only coming back to the MH to sleep - so therefore no computer except for my Kindle. It cuts down on the amount of blogging, emailing and posting to FB I do as my fingers don't do well on the little squares on the Kindle.

We went over to Sara's about noon and took a shower. Then watched the History Channel on how the states got their shapes. Really neat history of our country. Some of the reasons were geographic, or religious or political.

Helped feed the puppies their 2nd meal of ground up and souped up dog food. My little favorite, Annie, just put her head down and licked at that food until her little tummy pooched out. The she went over in the corner and went to sleep

After Dave came home from work, we went to a pizza place for dinner. Then went to "The Parlor" for ice cream. Oh! my! I'm glad I don't live around here as it was the best ice cream.

Came back and watched the puppies play a bit and now home. Sara and Dave weighed them as they are 3 weeks old now. They are all over 4 pounds now except for Ditto. Ditto is the littlest at 3 lbs, 14 oz. and Lacey is the biggest at 4 lbs. 14 oz. They are all cute.

MONDAY: Our last day here. We did the usual, over to Sara's for our shower and the day. Watched the puppies play, watched TV and hung out with Sara. She and Dad went to town for some things we needed and picked up the mail.

For some reason the Gov't needs more paperwork. We turned it in when we applied for our passports, but they need it again. So we got that filled out. We received a check in the mail, so I filled out the mail in deposit and sent that. I need to get more memory on my Droid so I can do the deposits via my phone. Either that or figure out how to delete some of the Apps I've downloaded and never use.

We headed for the MH a little early as we had some trailer ooze to put away. We will be on the road tomorrow for our next adventure.

TUESDAY: We got up and packed up the RV and headed out around 9:30. We only had 105 miles to make it to Elkhart Campground in Indiana. But the closer we got to it, the more we wanted to go further. Everything was running well and Ron wasn't tired.

So we picked up the Indiana Tollroad at Elkhart and kept heading west. We thought gas would be cheaper on the Tollroad than in Michigan but it wasn't. We paid $3.99. We did see it for a lesser amount further down the road (as usual) but we were full now and ready to go.

We did wonder at why the toll on the Tollroad was so high because we were towing. If two axles are $4.10 why was 4 axles $12.40? Seems like it should be $8.20. Since there were a lot of people behind us we didn't argue – but just paid it. But we won't go that way; again. They don't seem to maintain the road very well either. Lots of potholes and bumpy road. If they are going to charge that much – they can at least maintain the road.

The dreaded trip around the south end of Lake Michigan on I-80/I-94 wasn't too bad. The only place we had a bit of trouble was at the toll booth on the 294. We got a bit close to the pole on my side of the coach and dinged the outside mirror. According to Nick blog, he did the same thing on the Ohio Turnpike. (See his blog at )

We were going to stop at Leisure Lakes, the Passport campground at I-80 and I-55. But I really don't like that campground and when I called to ask if they had room, the guy was gruff and almost rude as usual. So instead, we drove an hour longer and are at Hickory Hollow, a Passport Campground in Utica, IL. It was beautiful here and we had a great fullhook up site for $18.50. LL wanted $25 for water and electric only.

We aren't going to leave until about noon (check out time) as we only have 62 miles to go or a little over an hour's travel. We are going to Stronghold, the church camp we have worked at for several summers. I'm not too sure what we will be doing. In the past, we have made signs, painted, repaired wood boxes, and I've done a lot of sewing. So we shall see what they have to us to do.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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