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group walk

along the canal

father swan

mother and babies


sleeping on duty

went for a long walk today. Matt and his daughter on bikes. Bevan pushing Ribbie in his pram. Sherie with the 3 dogs and Pete and I just walking ourselves! Past the Canal through the forest and past a lake into town and home.

Interesting bits: The male swsn clearing the way for the family, threatening nearby predators. He kept swimming up and down madly pecking at his reflection in the shiny surface of a nearby barge.

Mum and the kids swam in circles waiting patiently for dad to give the all clear....

Eventually they gave up and went past him. We decided he'd probably get totally neurotic and would still be pecking away as night fell (very late around 10.00pm)

The forest area is as big as kings park, with lots of trails and tracks. The lake area is being dredged and islands built up with the sludge so the birds have more and safer nesting sites. Lots of bird life around.

Later Bevan looked after robbie while everyone else was otherwise engaged. Couldnt resit including this photo!

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