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Boone, NC - Grandfather Campground - Site 31

Boone, NC - Grandfather Campground - Site 31, another view

Boone, NC - Grandfather Campground - Site 31, and another

Boone, NC - Grandfather Campground - Site 31 - Grandfather Mountain behind...

Old Fort to Boone, NC 0 - our route - 65 miles

Old Fort to Boone, NC 1

Old Fort to Boone, NC 2

Old Fort to Boone, NC 3

Old Fort to Boone, NC 4 - lots of Christmas tree farms...

Old Fort to Boone, NC 5 - lots of reflection and lots...

Old Fort to Boone, NC 6

BRP 1 - some of the eastern face of Grandfather Mountain, the...




BRP 5 - Christmas Tree farm in the foreground


BRP 7 - the Cool Spring Baptist Church

BRP 8 - Jesse Brown's Cabin

BRP 9 - Jesse Brown's Cabin, a side view

BRP 10 - Jesse Brown's Cabin, inside

BRP 11 - The pronunciation of a final 'a' like 'y' is...

BRP 12 - the Fraser Magnolia which, unlike the Southern Magnolia, blooms...

BRP 13 - the clouds are getting thicker and visibility very limited

BRP 14 - but it is still magnificent

BRP 15 - the viaduct taking us around Grandfather Mountain, or launching...

Cascades Trail 1 - some of the trail - make sure to...

Cascades Trail 2 - beautiful Flame Azaleas along the trail

Cascades Trail 3 - not sure what these are - they are...

Duggers Falls Trail 1 - some of the trail - notice we...

Duggers Falls Trail 2 - more of the trail as we approach...

Duggers Falls Trail 3 - the falls itself is only about 10...

Duggers Falls Trail 4 - the outflow of the creek

Linville River Bridge Trail 1 - part of the trail

Linville River Bridge Trail 2 - more of the trail

Linville River Bridge Trail 3 - the bridge which is part of...

Elk River Falls Trail 1 - A small drop for the Elk...

Elk River Falls Trail 2 - the top of the falls

Elk River Falls Trail 3 - the Elk River Falls - about...

Elk River Falls Trail 4 - a little closer

Elk River Falls Trail 5 - yes, this is part of the...

Elk River Falls Trail 6 - more of the trail

Elk River Falls Trail 7 - more of the trail

Elk River Falls Trail 8 - the Elk RIver above the falls

Elk River Falls Trail 9 - lots more Rhododendron on this trail

Elk River Falls Trail 10 - Libby patiently awaits at the trailhead

Boone Sights 1

Boone Sights 2

Boone Sights 3

Boone Sights 4

Boone Sights 5

Boone Sights 6

Boone Sights 7

Boone Sights 8

Boone Sights 9

Boone Sights 10 - the original Mast General Store in Valle Crucis,...

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Cascade Falls

It was a fairly pleasant 65 mile drive up the hill to Boone from Old Fort, NC. It was pretty twisty-turny but not too much got rearranged inside the Mothership! We are staying at Grandfather Campground which is situated at the base of Grandfather Mountain which at 5,946 feet, is the highest peak on the eastern escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has its highest peak near Boone, NC. We have a 50 amp full-hookup site that is pull-in rather than back-in. That means we will have to back out rather than pull out. Did you get all that?? :-) We have good Verizon coverage and a clear shot to the satellite so life is really good. There is a Red Box three miles away so that makes it even better! What made it even better yet was the existence of the best Long John Silvers we have ever been in just a short distance away in Boone. LJS is one of Doris' favorites and since the one in Orange Park closed we don't get to frequent them much any more.

Monday the weather was clear and we headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway to ride the section south of Boone and Grandfather Mountain. We hiked three trails, The Cascade Falls Trail, the Duggers Falls Trail and the Linville River Bridge Trail. The Cascade Falls was the best of these but I forgot to take pictures of these falls after taking the movie so be sure and see the movie. Of course by the time we were halfway down the portion of the BRP we were going to see, the clouds had closed in and the visibility reduced considerably. The hour construction delay we had getting on it didn't help any.

Wednesday we hiked to the Elk River Falls and that was a great hike. It was a little more strenuous than the rest but it wasn't very far and the falls was great! On the way back to town we drove through Boone and by Appalachian State University (sorry Barb, no pictures) and went to Walmart to get a few things. Oh, we had to dine at LJS again as well!!!

Friday we went to the great Wildcat Flea Market which was open for its first weekend of the year. We found it wasn't so great (perhaps because about half of the stores were closed) but we did find a few things Doris had to have. I told her we were going to have to start being like full-timers and "before you buy anything new be required to throw something else away to make room for it!" She said "WHATEVER-IN YOUR DREAMS!" :-)

Today we are staying in and getting ready for tomorrow's trip down the mountain to Wilkesboro and the Bandits Roost Campground on W Kerr Scott Reservoir where we will stay five days.

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