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Waiting for the ferry. To signal that you need the ferry you...

Waiting on the ferry

The ferry approaching the ferry dock. It's really just a barge.

On the ferry ready to go

Blondie enjoyed the ride

The trip only took a few minutes

The ferry landing at Fruitland on the other side of the river

Sand Hill Cranes

Sand HIll Cranes

Sand Hill Crane

Lots of boats out in the Salt Springs Run

Common Moorhen

Common Moorhen

Sand Hill Crane in a subdivision near the campground

Sand Hill Crane

There was a dirt road next to the campground that led to the Fort Gates Ferry landing. There is still a ferry which will take you across the St. John's River. It is the oldest ferry in Florida. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to ride on a ferry in Florida so we drove down the 7 mile road, turned on our lights at the ferry dock and waited a few minutes for the ferry to come get us from the other side. It was large enough for 2 vehicles. We were the only passengers. While we were waiting we met a mom from Ocala who was waiting to pick up her daughter who was coming on the ferry from the other side. To drive by road would add another 50 miles to her trip.

The ferry landing in Fruitland is at an old fish camp. We drove a short way on another dirt road before we got to a paved road next to a subdivision with their own landing strips. We saw Sand Hill Cranes in the fields and stopped so I could take some pictures. The Sand HIll Cranes had eluded me the entire trip. We saw them other places but I was never close enough to take pictures.

We drive north to Palatka, crossing through some small fishing villages. We bought some supplies at Walmart and had lunch at a Chilis before returning to Salt Springs. We then checked out the springs and drove through a subdivision across the street where we saw more Sand Hill Cranes.

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