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Atchfalaya Swamp

another view

from the road

the other lanes

camped in the palm trees

water view

grill and hot tub

Many of the roads in Louisiana are terrible. Last time we were here we lost a hub cap. For the first time ever our china cabinet came open today and glasses spilled on the floor as we jolted and bucked our way down the road. (Luckily our glasses are not glass.)When the motor home was up in the air, the toad (the car we tow) was down. I wondered when it was going to take off as well. I thought with fond regret about the wonderful highways in Texas and wondered if God was getting us ready for the driving in Alaska this summer.

But it's not fair to be too critical of the roads here. In many places there is no solid ground to build them upon. This is especially true on the eighteen mile stretch where I-10 crosses the Atchfalya Swamp. Bayou country always has a slightly ominous appearance; perhaps I've seen too many movies like Deliverance. Many areas are not really lakes, but they aren't really ground either. What a habitat this provides for birds who wander around looking for fish in the shallow water. And what a challenge this must have provided for the first road crews that tried to create a major highway through the swamp.

We are camped on the shore of Lake Ponchartrain on land fill provided from the ruined city that Hurricane Katrina created a few years ago. The area around us is quite industrial, but here at the end of the road the camp ground owners have created a little oasis. Some of the sites face the water and some even come with hot tubs and outdoor grills. Big city camping is never economical, but the price here is more than fair. While we are on a cruise next week, they will store our RV on the site we are camped on, leaving it plugged in so whatever food we leave behind will not spoil. Ken can leave the satellite dish up and record favorite programs that we will miss while we are gone. They will also take us to the ship dock and pick us up after the cruise for 1/4 what a taxi would charge.

It's a good thing.

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