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So today I ate breakfast, and was headed out for another walk, when someone honks at me. This is nothing new, as folks have been honking at me during this whole trip. Weird. But this one puled over, rolled the window down, and loudly said "Hey Texas you gonna keep ignoring me or what?" Hahaha it was Bodi! The kid from the first night!

Traffic was beginning to back u behind him so I got in the car with him, and as we drove off I told him I would be checking out of my room at noon and was out looking for another place for the night, something cheaper and hopefully with less holes in the walls, and no mosquitoes! He of course offered to let me stay in his room, but I politely declined and told him I get real hot and need a room with good fans or AC. He took this in stride and nodded and then told me he would take care of me, but first he wanted to take me to lunch and show me the rice fields. Fine. Let's go. More spicy Bali food, and gorgeous rice terraces. AND true to his word he found me accommodation for the night. We went to scoop up my bag from the hotel and check out, and then he took me to a place to book the boat to the Gili Islands tomorrow.

I had heard of the Gili Islands and decided that if at all possible I would try to go for even just a few days. There are 3 islands: Trawangan, Meno, and Air. There are no police on the islands, and no cars or motorcycles are allowed. Only means of transport is by foot, bike, or the horse-drawn carriage called a cidomo. Yep, I'm serious. And you can walk around the biggest island, Trawangan, in less than two hours. Yes, I am going.

We walk back to the room I had just rented, and I meet Wilma who is staying in the room next to mine. Bodi knows Wilma too and he stays and hangs out for a while before going to work. After he leaves, she and I agree that perhaps later we would meet for drinks and visit. As for now, she has a doctors appointment and me, well I have some more Ubud to explore. So off we go...

First I find a Balinese Art Museum. Not gonna lie, it was kinda boring to me. But I felt cultured and like I did something that was expected of me in another country. Like 'Go visit an art museum in Bali ~ check'. And on I walk....

Found a place to get a Balinese massage. I decide to splurge and get the hour and a half massage, WITH a body scrub and yogurt treatment, followed by a bath in a flower petal filled tub. For $13 usd. Splurgin I tell ya. She takes me into this room with huge windows facing the forest. Nothing but a huge abyss of green plants. She tells me to just leave on my underwear and lay down. No sheet, no towel. Ok. Then while she is working on me...her little 3 yr girl walks in and begins to stare at me. Hahaha mom apologized, and I figured no biggie. Then she has me roll over and just takes my bra off. Um still no towel or sheet to cover with. So now the little girl is just staring at my tits. Uhhh. And then lady rubs my boobs and tummy. Not the massage I'm used fact in Texas they kinda frown upon breast massage and you can totally get your license yanked if you get caught rubbing a nipple.

Shows how far away I am from Texas, cause not only did she rub my breasts...her little girl stared the whole time. Weird. Finally I've been rubbed and scrubbed, and it's time for the bath. (ps it's been storming and raining the whole time, and the windows are open so I can hear the rain, AWESOME, and she also has the water slowly running in the tub to fill it up) She instructs me to stand up and just take my panties off and get into the tub. So with my audience of mom and daughter watching, I chunk the choneys and slip into the most amazing tub ever. This is the best part....until the little girl comes over and starts playing with the flower petals in the water. She's still staring at my tits. What can I do but just laugh and shake my head? So I finally decide the kid isn't going to go away so I joke with her and put a flower petal on her head. She giggles and waits and watches until I get out of the tub and dries off, then I make her take a picture with me. Again, it's only fair....if your gonna stare and laugh at me~I'm gonna make you take a picture with me...and make you smile while doing it!

I leave and its still raining. The spa place offers me their umbrella, and tells me to just bring it back the next day. I know I will forget so I just walk out into the rain. Hahaha Texas hasn't seen this much water in years...I'll just soak up as much as I can while I can!!!

Continuing on and find The Market....gosh am I glad it's the end of the day and they are closing up....if I had any, I coulda lost a lot of money there!!! It was my kinda FABULOUS!!!

I wind up buying a ticket to watch a traditional Balinese dance, but it starts in 45 minutes so I have plenty of time to eat. While eating, I smile like a loon at everyone passing by, mostly because I'm just so excited to be where I am, experiencing what I am. dude thought I was smiling at him, so five minutes later he passes the resturant again, drives up and parks, and comes to the railing to say hi to me. Whaaaat?! hahaha ew dude. I was just being friendly, not giving you a come hither look. He asks me what my plans for the evening are, and I tell him I'm going to the show, he nods knowingly and said yes, I've been selling tickets to that show all day. Then he followed me a ways when I left, and finally left me at the gates of the dance.

Here's the weird part...the show has already started and I'm a tab bit late (nothing new) I give them my ticket, and they show me to an empty seat....on the very front row, directly in the center. There are people in all of the seats around me, and plenty of open seats in the back rows....but I get the best seat in the house? How did I become worthy of this seat?! Oh well. Great spot for taking pictures...which we all know I love to do! Great show. Loved it.

By now it's dark and I'm totally I find some other tourists to walk a ways with, and finally wind my way back to the area where I am staying.

When I finally made it back to the homestay, it was getting kinda late and I found Wilma sitting out on the balcony in her towel, reading. Instead of going out, I suggested that we bust open the expensive bottle of whiskey I bought, and Wilma was in full agreement, so I walked back down the dark damp alleyway to the local 7-11 to grab some ice and a coke. When I got back I HAD to take a shower too and wash the mugginess of the day off and then joined Wilma on the balcony in my towel too! We sat and drank our whiskey out of tea cups, and ate some snacks that I had found earlier. We chatted, and discovered that we had sooo sooo much in common! We laughed, big healthy belly laughs, shared travel stories, life experiences, exchanged email info, and decided that this was by far The Best Bottle of Whiskey Ever Bought. She gave me a silver flower ring and I gave her a nose was all very random and perfect. I left the last bit of whiskey with her, for her to share with the next person that occupies my room, or for her to drink and just remember our great night, and called it a night to go pack up and get ready for my early departure in the morning. What a great new friend. I hope she stays healthy and that some day our paths will cross again.

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