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This is the front entrance to the drug store and soda fountain...

Here we are with Mike and his family looking across his front...

Today was our last day of our visit in the Nashville area. We will miss our son, Mike, and his family and the opportunity that we have had to do some fun things with them.

Someone local had recommended that we go to the quaint town of Cross Plains, Tennessee, while we are here. They said that it is only about 25 minutes north of our camp site and is a really neat, old town from back in the 1800's. Also, they have an old-time drugstore with a soda fountain and everything. So, we decided to give that a try before going up to Mike's for our last visit of the trip.

Well, I can only say that Cross Plains was not the highlite of our trip. It was old (in fact, it appeared that the majority of the buildings in the "downtown" area were for sale). Some of the buildings appeared to be in some stage of renovation. Some of them looked like they might have been in that stage for a while.

The drugstore and soda fountain were there and appeared to be the primary point of interest in the area. The sign said that it was built in 1934 and it was full of customers. It looked like they had a good menu and there was a line waiting to get served. They had about six stools at the counter and, I think, about eight tables. They also sold souvenirs and standard drugstore items.

We did wander through the business district and took some pictures but were glad that it only took less than a half an hour to get there because it wouldn't have been worth more of an effort than that.

On the way back to the coach we stopped at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant/Store and picked up a couple of Grand Ole Opry CDs to enjoy as we're driving.

We came back to the coach and loaded up games and photo equipment to head up to Mike's. Emily had asked me to take her senior pictures, as I had done for her older sister a couple of years ago.

We got to Mike's and Emily was getting spruced up for her pictures. We went to a park where there were some very nice photo spots...old buildings, flower gardens, a gazebo and lots of lawn and trees. Had an enjoyable time posing her and enjoying the photography experience with my favorite photo assistant (Suzi).

We then went back to Mike's where I downloaded the photos and made a disk to leave with them. I think that there were a number of good photos. She is very photogenic...very cute.

We then barbecued chicken and corn-on-the cob and enjoyed a really nice dinner. Afterwards, we played a couple of games with the family...Mexican Train and Spoons.

It was then time to head back to the coach. The only trouble with a visit like this is you have to go through that separation again, knowing that it is going to be some time before you see them again, other than on Skype video. But, we had a great time and was certainly worth the effort. And, we definitely enjoyed the sights and sounds of Nashville.

In the morning we will be disconnecting from the park and hooking up the Vibe to head north to Charleston, Illinois. There we will get to pay a short visit to Suzi's sister and Suzi's niece's family. We are planning to make a little tour of some of the Amish country while we are visiting there.

See you tomorrow.

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