2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

The campground is next to a pretty mountain stream

Pronghorn Antelope by the side of the road

Huge herd of buffalo on the Wildlife Loop Drive

Another herd

He was just chillin'

This one is standing in a field close to the lodge and...

In the field close to the lodge

There were a lot of calves

Two calves

Henry with the herd behind him

Beth with the herd behind her

More calves

They crossed the road in front of us

My neck itches!

Trying to keep up with mama

Take my picture


There are wild burros in the park

They're not shy - they stick their head in car wiindows!

Prairie Dog

The Black Hills from Mt. Coolidge Overlook

Beth in the Black Hills

Crazy Horse Monument is in the top of this picture

The Needles from the Mt. Coolidge Overlook

Mount Rushmore from one of the overlooks on Iron Mountain Road

Mount Rushmore through one of the tunnels

Mount Rushmore through a tunnel

Mount Rushmore in the distance from a tunnel

We started the day driving on the Wildlife Loop Drive. There were some Pronghorn Antelope by the side of the road as soon as we turned onto the road.

As we continued on the road we saw several large herds of Bison (also called the American Buffalo). We saw quite a few bison calves. We also went by a prairie dog town, saw more pronghorns, deer, and wild burros.

Along the wildlife drive are several dirt roads through the park. We decided to take a detour on one of them and drove through forest hoping to find more wildlife. The road wasn't on the map and we didn't know where we would end up but we really enjoyed the drive. The dirt road finally intersected with a paved park road and we found our way back to the main park road so we went back to the Wildlife Loop Drive and started over.

We went to the top of the Mt. Coolidge Overlook for some great views of the Black Hills. We could see the Crazy Horse Monument in one direction and the Needles (more about that on tomorrow's entry) in another direction.

Our next scenic drive took us up to the top of Iron Mountain Road. When I was in the third grade my family took a trip out west and I remember the road because there are tunnels with a view of Mount Rushmore through the tunnels. We drove through the 3 tunnels and stopped at each one to get a picture through the tunnel. We also stopped an on overlook with a great view of Mount Rushmore.

What a great day!

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