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promenade avec des anes

Kiri rides on donkey hike

donkeys with view of Mont Ste Victoire

picnic on donkey hike

Bibemus trail with pilgrims' feet - yet another portion of St. Jacques...

Provencal mimosa blooms in January

Aix cheese shop

Aix mossy fountain - Aix is famous for its many fountains, oh...

and the boulevards lined with plane trees, which are cared for individually!

Frederique et sa niece preparent un bon repas Provencal

Kiri finds a new friend chez Frederique

Kir et Nina fourirent (crazylaughing)

Kiri and Nina on a donkey trek towards ancient aquaduct, Mont Ste...

Today we went on a 3 hour donkey trek towards the base of Mt Ste Victoire. Kiri got to ride most of the way! We enjoyed a picnic of bread and sardines, cheese and chocolate. Does life get any better than this?


Back with Frederique/ Aix-en-Provence Take 2

After four days with Rini and her family in Les Arcs sur Argens we came back to ‘La Petite Fumée and Frederique. We just love it with her, we feel so at home and it seems that the rest of the family feels that we are part of their tribe because the first day that we were back with Frederique, Kirianne got a babysitting job, and spent the afternoon with two of Frederique’s grandnieces. Kirianne’s first real babysitting job in France.

In the days that came we spent a lot of time with the donkeys, taking them on ‘promenades’ and ‘balades’. Kirianne rode them quite a bit and was a little sore after the first day. The first day with the donkeys we went to the dam for Aix-en-Provence, its waters come down from the French Alps and the water is so clear and blue-green. We had a picnic in a field with a beautiful view of Mont Ste. Victore. Kirianne also met another grandniece of Frederique, Nina, and had a good time with her. The next day, we taught Nina to ride the donkey and went to an ancient Roman Aqueduct, hidden in the woods.

Kirianne also did some short rides on the horses although she was more of a cool-down rider than an actual rider. She became a regular helper with feeding and brushing.

Tasha: We are truly grateful to Frederique and her family for their most welcoming hospitality. What a wonderful place and people to discover, thanks to our friends in Yellowknife and Frederique's connection there. Now we move on to another WWOOFing...

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