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Boone home backyard

Boone home banked into the ground

Handcut limestone blocks

Boone frontyard

Three stories tall

For Washington Dan

Wow! Remember the milkman?

Ferry crossing Bull Shoals Lake

Gary & Corky

Looking back to shore

Destination lunch!

Return trip

Driven by pusher barge

Down by the dock

This is what the "boonies" look like

Despite the heat and humidity, we ventured to near-by Warrenton for a look at Daniel Boone's home. What?! Daniel Boone lived in the Kentucky area, didn't he? Even in Daniel's day the incentive package was an enticement tool. Missouri was in the northern limits of the Louisiana territory. Basically, the French exchanged Boone's notoriety for 850 acres of land. It was thought other settlers would follow suit.

Compared to Boone's family fortitude, we are wimps. At age 65 Boone traveled across land via horseback while family traveled via the waterways to their new home. Still standing today is the ORIGINAL home! The home remained occupied by Boone family descendants until 1958.

Wanna live with your adult children and fourteen grands? The building methods certainly were functional and incredibly logical e.g. kitchen and dining room were located on the lower level. This was functional and efficient regardless of the season. All the wood was walnut, hand hewn, hand carved. No photography was allowed. Use your imagination;the intricate hand carved mantles, by Daniel himself, were beautiful. The guided tour made everything about and in the house come to life!

It was here Daniel Boone died in his sleep at the old age of 86. Rebecca Boone died a few years prior. Their longevity is a testament to their years of fortitude!

After touring any historical area, one realizes the energy, stamina, and quality products generated by the pioneers. How would you or I fare under their circumstances? It was made very clear their was no division of chores in that time as the men would often be away for long periods of times. Who was left to hunt, chop wood, etc.?

RV'ers tend to bond quickly and live spontaneously. With that in mind we traveled in a southwesterly direction through the beautiful Ozarks to Bull Shoals Lake. Arizona winter friends live in an area they call "beyond the boonies". Peaceful solitude, soothing to the soul, and beautiful to the eyes and as much or as little social activity as one could ever want.

What a lovely day with Missouri Jan and Gary! Lunch was a treat-crossing the lake via ferry and an unusual burger. This is a Core of Engineers area with two nice campgrounds on either side of the water. Gives us ideas for the future! If it weren't for our friends, we may never have made this discovery. Thanks for a lovely and fun visit!

Tomorrow is the big refrigerator day. Let's hope all goes well. Living out of a cooler has been trying at best!! You can be certain the refrigerator will not be filled with groceries until we know it is holding the correct temps.

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