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Communist soldiers choose Micky D's and KFC

Nothing like a outdoor kitchen.

Random street view 33

Doing laundry outside keeps the house cooler

East Nanjing Road. Shoppers paradise

Donna checking the fit of her new coat.

Nightime at on the Bund

They have Christmas Trees in a godless country?

Random bund night shot #8795

Random Bund night shot #89.98

Random Bund night shot #3487689998

Shanghai at New Years

Shanghai is one of the countries vibrant cities. It is a city of action where you don’t see Buddhist monks contemplating the dharma, but you do see lots of skyscrapers, non-stop shopping, and lots of places to indulge in glamorous cocktails. Shanghai is the gateway to the Yangzi River thus making it a great trading port. It was not until the British opened their trading concession here in 1842 that the city really came into being. Later the French and Americans followed suit and by 1853 Shanghai had overtaken all other Chinese ports. Built on the opium trade and later silk and tea, the city also lured the world’s great houses of finance. In 1921, the Chinese Communist Party was formed here and liberated the city in 1949 from the clutches of exploitation by gangs and corrupt officials. However, after the communists came to power, Shanghai became a colorless factory town and a hot bed of political activism. It became the base of power for the Gang of Four during the Cultural Revolution. During the 1990s, the city began to develop and become the Shanghai we know today.

Donna and I spent several days in Shanghai with Drew during our brief New Year’s Break. We did some shopping at the fabric market so Donna could get two coats made. Next it was off to the fake market to look for some odds and ends. We enjoyed eating out especially at the Shanghai Brewing Company very similar to Kannah Creek in GJ but more expensive. The night time scene down on the bund with all the lights was a fun experience. I also got a tune up on my econ from Drew. He teaches economics at the University of Shanghai. We had a great two and a half days in the big city.

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