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This was our unwanted free day. We had planned to go into town. We wanted to take the 2-hour boat ride on the Yukon River upstream from the present dam. We were also going to have dinner in town – Evelyn is longing for some good halibut or salmon. However, things changed.

Some time ago on a trip to the desert we ran over some trash in the diamond lane on the freeway – there was no warning from the car in front and nowhere to go in order to miss it. We thought all was well until that evening when washing dishes. We found that we were missing a large section of piping in our gray water system. As soon as I returned home I had the system repaired by our local experts.

This morning I happened to be outside when Evelyn emptied the sink and I heard water running outside the RV. A quick check showed me that the former gray water repair had failed. I went to ask our leader where I could go to get it fixed. He was not in his RV but Terry, out tail-gunner, was in his. I asked his help and he volunteered to have a look first. Once he had surveyed the situation, he volunteered to fix it. I hadn’t meant to take up his time, but he was hard to refuse. He was able to strap the two pieces back together and then apply epoxy to make it a leak-proof seal. The only problem was that we had to avoid using the water or moving the vehicle until the epoxy had time to set.

Our plan B for the day was to take a hike. There is a footbridge crossing the Yukon River upstream from the dam over a narrow canyon. The tiny tourist map showed a trail from near the park direct to the bridge. We even verified its existence with the park owner. Right after lunch we set off. We head out along the highway for about 1,000 yards to a locked gate which was supposed to be on the path. We walked around the gate and proceeded on a dirt path in the direction of the river.

All was well for another 1,000 yards or so until we hit a very large clearing. There was no indication of the path going onward. We crossed the clearing and found an old wood road. It soon turned left. Since we wanted to go straight ahead to the river, we turned around and went back to the clearing to search some more. We found another old dirt road off to the right. We walked along this for a while thinking we might find the path, but no luck. Of the two roads, the one going left toward town seemed the better bet so we retraced our route back to that one and proceeded on. Twice we found paths going off toward the river and both times they led us in a circle back to the dirt road.

Eventually we got to the paved road that leads off the highway down to a parking lot above the bridge. It would have been quicker to have stayed on the highway and turned there but we would have missed the walk in the woods. It was a long walk but we finally made it to the bridge. Originally we had intended to walk across and hike the trail along the edge of the canyon wall. However we found some of our group at the bridge and they wanted to know whether we needed a ride back to the park. We decided that this sounded pretty nice and so we accepted.

Evelyn had gotten a ride into town that morning and was able to purchase food that didn’t need water in cooking. We had a god supper and left the dishes in the sink for morning.

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