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Bull Run

Today was a hard day of traveling...our destination was Xalapa, which was only an hour away...but at the end of a very long day we ended up in Xico. We're all tired of traveling, on edge...having a melt down!!

Before leaving Vera Cruz we took one last walk on the beach...then left for Xalapa, but after walking the streets and visiting several hotels we decided it was too busy and we didn't like the feel so we moved on to Coatepec.

Once in Coatepec walked the streets looking for somewhere to stay, but after lots of wrong directions and much frustration we decided to move on.

Finally found the small, peaceful, clean town of Xico and hotel Real De Xico. You can't tell from the front of the hotel, but it has beautiful gardens in the back and a nice sitting area for coffee. The rooms are very clean, nicely decorated and quiet. What a great place! The cobblestone streets are very clean and well kept and the people are extremely friendly. Found out they have bull fights here in the summer and a day when they run the bulls through the streets...that would be great to see. They also have sawdust murals on the streets during the celebrations which are very intricate and beautiful.

It's funny that they grow so much wonderful coffee here but no one seems to drink or serve it...had a hard time just finding a good cup of coffee. We did find one coffee roaster, Pepe's, just outside of town, and bought several bags of coffee and some bottles of flavored liqueurs....well the weather is getting cold and rainy...on to who knows where tomorrow.

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