Bob & Linda's Alaska Trip 2009 travel blog

Portage Lake, Glacier, iceberg floating

Whittier tunnel entrance

harbor, Whittier, Prince William Sound, Chugach Mt's

Billings Glacier, Whittier

Leaving Whittier via 2.5 mile tunnel

Fireweed in middle of river

Visitors Center downtown Anchorage

one of many gardens downtown Anchorage

Whats left!!

11:25pm sunset from Earthquake Park, Anchorage

Sorry we haven't updated sooner but have had a rather busy but not so good week. Took our time coming back up from Homer as we had hoped the haze would let up but not so. Stopped in Soldotna to try and catch any signs of salmon coming in yet. They expected them any day but nothing yet. Moved up to Hope for the tidal bores but couldn't even see across the bay because of the haze. Then had a good stop around Whittier. This was a different experience as we had to go thru a tunnel that is shared with the trains to access Whittier. It is one way traffic at a time alternating with train traffic. Once on the other side and in Whittier, the scenery is beautiful, surrounded by the Chugach Mt's and 3 of the major ice fields in North America. We arrived back in Anchorage late Thurs 7/9. We stocked the cabinets, etc. and got everything ready to leave again on Mon 7/13. Sun 7/12, we left the campground to go over to see Cheri & Shawn when we were in an accident. a suv ran a stop sign and t-boned us. We are OK but a little bummed as it is going to take at least 3 weeks to fix both the truck and camper (over $12,000 worth of damage to both, see pictures). Bob experienced some back discomfort, so with his history, he was checked out at ER. He has an acute sprain which should go away in a month or so. Have spent the last two days dealing with insurance adjusters, body shops, etc. The truck is drivable but not knowing just how extensive the damage might be, we rented a vehicle for the time being. The camper is OK to stay in but we can't stay in it once its off the truck, so we will be moteling it starting Mon the 20th. The camper will be dropped off at its shop and the truck at a different shop. Rather than hanging out in Anchorage for 3 weeks, we have decided to continue our trip toward Fairbanks (Mon, 7/20 after we have made our transition to a car) and make a loop trip back to Anchorage when the truck and camper are ready. Last nite we toured Anchorage going out to Earthquake Park to see the sunset,(after 11:30pm) Beautiful, pictures don't do it justice. guess we will know our way around pretty well before leaving.

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