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Looking down on the port

As a sign of the times kept around here breakfast starts at 9:00am. So it was a bit of a sleep in again, and then we had breakfast - the usual french fare of bread, jam, juice and coffee.

Then we walked to the train station and caught a train to Monte Carlo, we had decided to checkout how the jetset lives.

Monaco is preparing for the grand prix, so there is a lot of temporary barriers and seating going in. We walked along part of the track and it was amazing to see how tight the circuit is. It will be interesting to watch it on tv now that we have seen the streets.

The harbour was of course filled with luxury yachts. You could only guess how much money was floating there. We walked down to the beach. It was better than the ones at Nice but were just a finer grade of gravel. I tell you we are spoilt with our beaches in Australia!

Just turned the tv on and the opening of the Cannes Film festival is on. Cannes is very close to here and we had originally planned to visit, but the place is of course overflowing at the moment so we think we will give it a miss.

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