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McBride, BC - Beaverview RV Park and Campground - Site 6

McBride, BC - Beaverview RV Park and Campground - Site 6, another...

Prince George to McBride Scenery 1 - It was a dreary weather...

Prince George to McBride Scenery 2 - the clouds were above and...

On the trail to Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls 1 - the falls from a little bit down stream

Beaver Falls 2 - Closer up from down stream. There's a lot...

Beaver Falls 3 - right at the falls - I also have...

Coming back from Beaver Falls with the Falls and mountain in the...

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Beaver Falls Video

Our trip today was only about 150 miles and would have been very enjoyable except for the weather. It drizzled and we were driving within the clouds for a good bit of the trip. At least the road was very good for the most part. We did see two elk from a distance but STILL NO BULL MOOSE! We are staying at Beaverview RV Park and Campground just a little east of McBride with the Fraser River behind it. We have a long, narrow pull-through site with just barely enough room to depoy the slides. We have 30 amp and water, with good WiFi and I was able to get the dish aligned fairly quickly and all channels are coming in clear. We also have cell service - hopefully a sign of things to come.

Sunday we hiked a short trail to Beaver Falls which is on the Beaver (or Holmes) River that runs into the Fraser River about a mile down stream from the falls. It was a nice walk along the river and the falls themselves were not very high but a tremendous amount of water was flowing over them. Doris saw a small deer buck on the way back but I was driving and missed him. We had hoped to see Sockeye Salmon making their way back up the river but our timing is a little off. We don't know whether we are early or late (we think late), but in any event, there were no salmon! The salmon runs are down all over Alaska and Canada this year with many runs being only 10-20% of normal years. That's a lot of salmon missing!

Monday we just relaxed around the Mothership and did some much needed cleaning and maintenance on her. With the exception of our two mishaps, she has really done well on this trip. We managed to get one more little chip that didn't spider on the windshield and a couple of very small chips of paint up front. Once she gets the work done in Elkhart, she should be almost like new again. Libby hasn't faired so well. she has a number of small chips in the windshield, none spidering, but there is a long, and getting longer, crack across the bottom of the windshield so it will have to be replaced when we get back. Hopefully it will stay in one piece until we get there!

Tomorrow we head for three days in Jasper National Park. We don't know if we will have cell service but are almost certain not tohave WiFi.

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