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The gorgeous gothic church, more at home in Europe than S America

Walking around Córdoba´s many pedestrian streets

Ravi --

Córdoba was great!

The second-largest city in Argentina, with a population of a few million, it was the start of our week-plus cities tour in Argentina and Chile.

One reoccurring theme as we traveled amongst these cities of Argentina and Chile was how we felt transported back to Eastern Europe. What a striking difference compared to the rest of South America, especially Paraguay and Bolivia. I knew before getting here that Argentina and Chile have a higher standard of living and are more developed than other countries in this region, but I didn´t expect Eastern European standards and norms.

I was pleasantly surprised.

We really enjoyed our three days in Córdoba. While not known for having a large host of things ¨to do¨ in town, it´s a very cosmopolitan city with tons of great pedestrian streets and the most universities in the continent, so a large number of young hipsters.

I love pedestrian commercial streets and gorgeous plazas, in large supply all throughout Eastern Europe and South America, but unfortunately missing back home in Chicago. We spent a lot of time wandering around these pleasant streets near our centrally located hostal, almost always full of people (except, oddly, on Sunday).

We made the most of being in a large city and ate some great vegetarian and authentic Mexican food (and finally had a kitchen again to cook for ourselves too), and caught the new ¨007¨ flick at a modern local cinema.

Tim and I also finally went out on the town, something we hadn´t yet done in all this time in South America! (Had it really not been since Mykonos Island, Greece, in the middle of September since we last went out to a club???)

First of all, it´s taking us a while to get used to the evening schedule here in Argentina, where restaurants are dead at 8pm, and still fairly empty at 9pm as people are finally starting to make it out for dinner.

We arrived at Zen nightclub, Córdoba´s premiere gay venue, around midnight, as we were told nothing gets started before. People were just getting to the attached restaurant then! We killed two hours at the restaurant with some drinks and dessert -- suffering through a bad drag show -- until the dance floor finally started pumping around 2am. It was a fun night out and great to drink and dance with Tim again after so long!

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