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The Amish man who has built cabinetry which helps us to make the most of our motor home used to work for the company that builds these motor homes. This gives him an understanding of how our rig was assembled that enables him to build and install exactly what we need. As an Amish gentleman he has no phone in his house since the Amish do not allow any electrical devices within their homes. A booth sits along the road which has a phone connected to an answering machine. We called him about a month ago and left a message saying that we would be here at 9:30am today to pick up the pieces we ordered. He called us back to confirm the date. Today we showed up at 9:32 and he walked out the door with a book shelf and fold out desk in hand. The pieces match the wood we already have and fit the vacant spot exactly. In fifteen minutes all was installed and we were ready to head east.

While the rest of our day is not interesting at the moment, it will hopefully lead to a great travel blog this winter. We rendezvoused with Michigan friends Barb & Gary, who will join us on a trip to New Zealand and Australia. We will be gone over two months, touring New Zealand by RV and Australia on a cruise. Because we are not going on a tour or using a travel agent, there are many details to iron out and arrange ourselves. We have been reading travel books and surfing the web, trying to decide what we most want to see and do. We sat with piles of maps and books, turning to our computers as well, and roughed out the itinerary and where we will stay. Hopefully, we can do the rest of our planning over the phone and via e-mail. While we should be thinking about New England again tomorrow, today our thoughts are Down Under.

After all that thinking and talking we were just too exhausted to cook dinner. The only place to eat in the nearest town was a tiny restaurant inside a gas station. When Ken paid the bill at the counter, he had a choice of local honey or motor oil. On the road we like to eat at local spots rather than franchise restaurants, but the aroma of petroleum does nothing for food.

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