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Behind me is a park bench comemmorating the song

They don't say if this is Glenn or Jackson, but can you...

Pottery shards are the best part! Walls of the 200-family dwellings are...

Snow-capped SanFrancisco Mountains and Flagstaff in the distance at sunset.

Route 66 winds its way from the Petrified forest to Winslow Arizona. I-40 pretty much obliterated the old roadway, but some signs and memorabilia keep the old roadway alive. The intersection of Route 66 and Winslow Ave has a statue and a park bench in commemoration of the song. Other than that, Winslow is pretty much a dead end. Next week, they are having a railroad festival. We will be staying because Homolovi Ruins State Park is really nice right now. Their water system isn't operational, so we have the place to ourselves. Yesterday, we walked among the ruins of the older village, which is/was right on the bank of the Little Colorado River. There is also a "modern" graveyard of Mormon settlers who only stayed in the area for a year or so, but lost several children within a year of their births. The newer ruins are about 1,000 years old, and were destroyed by the inhabitants before they left, so there isn't much to see. The prehistoric petroglyphs attest to the fact that this area has been used by humans for a really, really long time. We were intrigued by the third example of that twisting figure-8-8-8 that we first saw in Texas at Hueco Tanks. Tomorrow, we will be leaving for Chenle, and Canyon de Chely.

Everything is going well. Today, Steve had the manufacturer on the phone for tech support for our hot water system. It seems we need a filter kit. Monty continues to enjoy looking out the window and sitting with us in the evenings. I rode my bicycle today, and it was great to just pedal along the road! We drove off-road along the Little Colorado, stopping every few hundred yards to walk around and explore. We can't believe how much garbage we see. Empty bottles are everywhere. At one spot near Holbrook, there was an actual (nofficial) dump site, where people just back the pickup to the rocks and throw stuff down to the river below. Another one for Jeff Foxworthy. Huge red boulders lie in the middle of nowhere, and the graffitti is unbelieveable. We had to blink away the image of a ripped-off truck door. I can understand why the Navajo nation won't let us in the canyon floor without a guide! We'll be seeing that in a few days.

Miss you all,keep in touch!!

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