The Inaugural Voyage - Winter 2008 travel blog


You would think after all these years of RV-ing, we would know what we are doing. But as we alter our equipment, we keep having new things to learn. Now that we tow a car, we have a brake buddy, a device that engages the car brake whenever we brake the motor home. After the last two long driving days, we pulled into the campgrounds and went right to sleep. Today we noticed that the car battery was dead. Perhaps we should unplug the brake buddy when we are done driving for the day. Maybe the bitter cold temps when we left home also were a factor. We bought the jeep used and don't know how well the battery was maintained. Whatever the reason, the battery was totally spent. The dead battery seemed to affect the latch on the back window. We drove the last 500 miles with the back window flapping; no matter how often we stopped to close it, it would not stay shut. When we arrived at Fort De Soto, the ranger was well equipped with long jumper cables attached to his truck and he quickly got us going again.

We stayed at this park over 25 years ago in a blue tent. The park was so beautiful and ideally located at the end of a spit in Tampa Bay, that we resolved to return. It took us a while, but we're glad that we made it. It was almost dark when we arrived, so tomorrow's exploration will reveal if the place lives up to our youthful memories. We rejoice in the warm temperatures that we are enjoying this evening. For that alone, the drive was well worth it.

Although our campsite is large, the entrance is framed with palm trees and it was challenging to wedge our 40 foot vehicle past them. Whenever we are in reverse, the coach beeps and this brought our dilemma to the attention of all the campers in the area. Soon we found ourselves surrounded by friendly folks offering helpful, but contradictory advice. Hopefully, getting ourselves back out won't be as disruptive to our kind neighbors.

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