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Mr P on Whitehaven Beach (Whitsundays)

Our trusty steed, Siska the maxi rcaing yacht

Whitehaven beach

His name was Rio

Modelling Spring 05's stinger suit collection - its so unfair, such beautiful...

Sunset in the Whitsundays

Mrs P has a go on the Big Wheel

Having reached Airlie beach late on the Thursday evening, we booked onto the 3 day sailing adventure for the Whitsundays, it was a quick turn around as we were out the following morning.

The bus picked us early and we met up with the rest of the group we were to be sailing with for the next 3 days. After introductions we apprehensively boarded the Yacht, Siska, which had won the Sydney to Hobart race back in 1974 when it was built! Hoping that it was going to hold up for the next few days we were introduced to the crew. Paul the purser, spent half an hour barking instructions / rules at us whilst we sat in the hotest cabin in the world. He needn't have bothered as after the first 2 minutes we switched off and shortly after so did everyone else! The Skipper, Jimmy, who was about 22 and had been sailing since he was 8 and a deck hand Dominic who had just joined the team.

Allocation of cabins didn't quite go as planned, we ended up at the front of the yacht next to the anchor port, so every time the anchor was dropped we had to climb over our bed and pull it up with a hook. This was extremely tedious after the first time, as Paul had given us nicknames of "Anchor Boy" and "Anchor Girl", so this didn't grate..... much!! We did consider giving the crew nick names from the childrens cartoon "Captain Pugwash" but it lost alot in the translation with those German, Swiss and Dutch travellers.

Setting sail, well, switching the motor on as the wind was non-existent, we headed out to Whitehaven Beach. Thankfully the weather had changed dramtically overnight, from a raging rain soaked thunder storm to a beautiful clear day. "I'm really glad for them" we hear you say!! Still Mr. P. wasn't happy as he wanted to sail, no suprise there!

Arriving at Whitehaven beach and donning the very fetching stinger suits we swam to shore and spent a couple of hours whiling away the time on one of the top 5 beaches in the world. After a spot of lunch, we headed off further around the island to the viewpoint that can be seen above. The views here were magnificent and the pictures don't do it any justice.

Form here onto the next spot, thankfully the wind picked up, either that or all the pulses and beans we had been fed for lunch started to take effect. The sails were raised by the guests(the was the adventure part) under the careful instruction of the skipper and we felt a sense of pride as the boat picked up speed on the open water.

That evening Paul had decided that it was going to be a toga party, so after our 30 second showers, due to a limited amount of water on the boat, we got dressed up for the evenings entertainment in our bed sheets. Has anyone ever tried to get a 30 second shower? it takes us 30 secs. just to get the temp mix right! Once the beers started flowing everyone seemed to have a great evening under the stars.

Awake early next morning on the point of self combustion we readied ourselves for the morning sail. No wind again saw us switch to the motor. After a short sail we dropped anchor and went snorkelling. Visability was good enough to afford us some beautiful coral reef views and fishes a plenty.

Thankfully, by the time we boarded the wind had picked up so we raised the sails once more. By now Mr. P. had started to use the rediculous rules to his advantage. No one was allowed down stairs into the galley if they were wet, so..... just before we were to raise anchor, shouts of man over board could be heard as Mr. P. went for another swim. This mean't "anchor girl" would have to go down and get all hot and sweaty raising the anchor. It wasn't long before Mr. P.'s plan was uncovered and Paul got told what he do with his anchor by a very hot and irritated red head!!

Mooring up for the evening we swam across to a sand spit to watch the sunset. Thankfully the crew brought the Eskey across so there was beer and wine to be drunk whilst the sun set. Saturday evenings entertainment involved drinking games and everyone making fools of themselves....goes without saying really!

Sunday morning, hungover we headed back to Airlie beach, the captain relinquished the wheel and Mrs P jumped into the helm. Trying to steer the ship back out to sea(on purpose) we eventually hit dry land. Disembarking we all agreed to meet up for drinks in the evening.

Thats about all we can remember about the Sunday evening. Needless to say we felt dreadful Monday morning and spent the entire day recovering by shopping and chillin' out down at the lagoon preparing ourselves for the overnight bus journey down to Hervey bay, the gateway to Fraser Island.

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