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Site #67 - Lake Charles State Park, NE Arkansas

Mammoth Springs Spillway

Muskrat with Building Material

Friendly Catching Some Rays

We are now at Lake Charles State Park in NE Arkansas about 40 miles North of Jonesboro. We have a great campsite

and there is about an acre of shaded land to the left of the picture which really makes this site seem large. It is lakefront but you can’t see the shoreline in the picture as there is a drop off down to it. The weather is awesome – nights in the high 50s and afternoons about 75 with a good breeze. Satellite is tuned in and internet is available, albeit extremely slow – life is good!

Saturday – We went on a hike through the woods (about 2 miles) this morning while it was cool. It was relaxing and I even saw a whitetail doe. Doris was a little too far behind to see her as she bolted through the woods. She was much larger than the whitetails in Florida. We came back and I cooked some sausage and eggs outside (everything tastes better if cooked outside, even if I cook it) and we have just been enjoying the cool breezes and watching the Gators play baseball this afternoon. Doris has also been writing some post cards as I try to get caught up on some internet stuff.

Sunday – We didn’t do much today but just enjoy doing nothing. Doris worked on her crafts and I worked on some leather stuff. I went to get a paper this morning and like to have never found one. Wound up finding the only convenience store in the area about seven miles from the campground. It was kind of hard to believe since you can’t go a mile back home without encountering a couple of them. Doris had SMORES tonight – her own particular variety – strawberry marshmallows with dark chocolate!

Monday – We went to Mammoth Springs State Park today to look at the springs and hike around the lake attached to it. Want to see what 9.7 million gallons of water per hour looks like. Have a look.

We also saw a couple of creatures around the lake. They had the requisite ducks and geese, turtles, a muskrat gathering building material

, and a friendly creature sunning itself.


We will be leaving for Branson bright and early Tuesday morning and will be spending a week there before going to Oklahoma City.

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