Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Cape Enrage


Lighthouse at Cape Enrage


Hopewell Rocks

This is at low tide. The rocks are submerged at high tide!

Can you imagine a 35 foot tide?

The water is cold (44F)


These are called flower pots

We discovered this delightful campground and stayed 2 nights.

Anne is in paridise on the beach right in front of our...

Besides the fantastic setting, they had a gourmet restaurant!

Of course, Tom had the night off from cooking. We had a...

A rare picture of Tom

This is a popular spot for the locals


The chef is from Australia


Low tide at night

The campground from the vantage of the lighthouse

View from our site

Standing on the ocean floor at low tide

Low tide, but it was rushing back in

Watch this sequence that takes place over 30 seconds. This is time...

15 seconds later

Gone in 30 seconds!

Tom found a kayak guide (Jeff) and went out in the bay

Tom & Jeff

Kayaking the Bay of Fundy!

Good morning from Spencer's Island. Updating this very enrty in the laundry...

Tom made this photo only 30 minutes ago! (7:30AM 9/17/07)

Saturday had a prediction of rain and a cold front, and they sure were right by afternoon. We drove out to a spectacular place in the morning called Cape Enrage, with a lighthouse. Then on to Hopewell Rocks, a privately-owned, but well-run place which is best described by looking at the photos here. It is on the shore, with incredible eroded rock formations called "flower pots". For three hours before and after low tide, visitors can climb down a LONG set of stairs down the cliffside to the "ocean floor" which is exposed quite a ways out, and walk around. At high tide, the water is all the way up to the top of the stairs! We ate lunch in the parking lot, and then it started to really rain hard. We drove on around into Nova Scotia, with the intention of staying at a town park campground in Advocates Harbor, at the end of the first peninsula, in the Bay of Fundy, that you can see on a map of Nova Scotia. The drive took us through the very middle of "the middle of nowhere", and the town campground, called "Fundy Tides", was nowhere near the water, closed, and populated by a bunch of people on ATV's. We were dismayed and discouraged, and went on when we suddenly saw a beach campground that had a couple of RV's in it. Our guidebook said it was past the closing date, but that was a typo - it really is September 30, not the 3rd! What a place! We are yards from the high tide mark, and the tides rise and fall 30 feet. The sites are full hook-up, and there is Wi-Fi internet, as well as a gourmet restaurant. So we are staying two nights, since it is so wonderful.

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