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Route 66 Motel sign

On our way down into the Canyon

Havasupai Falls

Our campsite

Down-river towards our campsite

Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Climbing down to Mooney Falls

Erica swimming at Mooney Falls

Looking up towards Mooney Falls

Havasupai Falls again

Havasupai Falls

Erica and I, Havasupai Falls

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Havasupai Falls


I was sad to leave Sedona, I would have loved to have spent more time there, but we needed an early start as it will take four hours to drive to Havasupai. North of Sedona looked real nice too, but no time! Havasupai is a very beautiful place, recently featured in the Nicholas Cage film Next, where the lovely Jessica Biel was a teacher at Havasupai. Basically, Havasupai is a Native American reservation in the Grand Canyon, like a hidden paradise (except for the Native American bits, which are a bit scummy).

To get there, we walked for eight miles to the village: down into a baking hot canyon, and then along it, all in the heat of midday. When we got to the Village proper (Supai), then it was another two miles of walking to the campsite. The canyon was great (though a hard walk), but the campsite is stupendous, and best of all are the waterfalls for which Havasupai is famed and why we came here. The river water is a bright blue and makes limestone deposits that are very attractive too, the whole thing looks a bit like my idea of paradise. We have huge waterfalls either side of the campground, and we are camped right by the beautiful blue river amongst the trees. Nicest place I have ever camped. We were too knackered today to walk down to Mooney Falls, so just pitched camp and recovered, and tried not to dwell on the possibility of flash floods.


I started the day with a bit of a wash in a cold river - such a gorgeous place - and then we did a long walk down the canyon. First a rather thrilling climb down the side of the lovely Mooney Falls, a bit of a swim for Erica, then a lot more walking down towards the Colarado River. After a while we turned back and went up to Havasupai Falls. This was even more beautiful, though there were more people there, as you don't have to risk your life to get there, in contrast to Mooney Falls (see the picture above). And unusually, I found climbing up Mooney Falls did feel a lot worse than climbing down! And finally a pretty yuk meal in the Village Cafe and an early night. Personally I find the locals OK, though clearly not as friendly as other Americans.

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