Exploring Canadian Backroads Coast to Coast 2007 travel blog

An island in Colbequid Bay, Nova Scotia

The beach along Colbequid Bay, Nova Scotia

The winds along Colequid Bay we constant enough to let this guy...

A scallop dragger - Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia

The tides here drop so low these scallop dragers were literally sitting...

At low tide the water retreats completely out of the bay

Scenes around Amherst, Nova Scotia

Scenes around Amherst, Nova Scotia

This morning we left Pictou and headed to New Glascow, about 15 minutes north of Pictou as Janine had read it was another very interesting little town. It turned out the travel brouchure was extremely generous with it's description.

We found it to be uninteresting as far as buildings and atmosphere. There was virtually nothing going on and the streets were practically deserted. I am glad we only rode 15 minutes out of way and not a couple of hours.

From New Glascow we headed back through Pictou then north east along the Northumberland straight back towards New Brunswick. At Wallace we headed south to Masstown which is located on Cabequid Bay which is an arm of the Bay of Fundy.

We traveled along the Fundy shore drive with the intention of stopping somewhere the shore to camp. The shore line was very nice but often obscured from the road by bush. One particular stretch of road from Parrisboro to Advocate Harbour was just awsome to ride. It was narrow, curvey and offered many magnificent viwes of the shoreline.

At Advocate Harbour we came across a small warf with several boats tide up but sitting right on the harbour floor. The tides here rise and fall at least 25 feet. At low tide the bay emties completely leaving the boats high and dry.

The boats turned out to be scallop draggers. They tow a type of harrows made of old tires across the floor of the bay scooping up the scallops. I found it interesting. Often we look at things like scallops in the store without giving much thought as to how they got from the ocean to our plates.

From Advocate Harbour we continued along the shoreline, which turned north. This stretch is all trees and bush with very few towns and no campgrounds or acoomodations of any kind. We eventually found ourselves at Amherst, Nova Scotia on the New Brunswick border.

We pulled into Amherst with the intention of finding a room however, much like New Glascow, we found it unappealing so headed for Sackville, New Brunswick.

Sackville is a very nice little town and we soon found a nice room and settled in for the evening.

The ride today was good and the scenery was also very good but I could not say the same for the towns along the way. This may explain the absence of traffic on the route we chose today, which is fine with us.

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