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Ship Creek Campground

Portage RV Park

Portage RV Park

Portage RV Park

We stayed up till almost 1:30 last night doing laundry and working to try to catch up on the Blog. The laundry did get done, but the computer work didn't. I tried to sleep in this morning, but found myself at the computer at 7:00. The only thing I got done was to finish up the first two days at Denali. I promise we will get those done in the near future.

We left the ShipCreek campground in Anchorage at 10:30 this morning. The sun was bright and relatively warm. Looks like this is going to be a great day. As we drove up the Seward Highway we kept seeing Dall sheep high on the mountain sides. Beginning at Beluga Point, we spotted at least 20 sheep along the way. Also at Beluga Point was group of maybe 20 painters from Anchorage. Each was trying to capture the Point in his own way. On the opposite side of the road I began noticing the sheep. They seemed to be everywhere as we continued down the road.

We stopped at the Alaskan Railroad Information Center to collect information on Whittier. That is when we noticed a piece of the belly pan of the trailer was hanging down. A further inspection showed there were a number of rivets either missing or torn out. Not to despair, I would just drill out the old and pop new ones in. This was going to be easy except my drill was not charged. Silly me I didn't bring my DeWalt. I only had my small Black and Decker. Sue went inside to see if she could find an outlet where the drill could be charged. She was successful in that but also came back with a DeWalt from the lady in the information center. After using up both batteries for the DeWalt the job was competed-- good as new after about an hour and a half. The problem was that I was now a dirt ball. Those clean clothes didn't last. After a shower and a new set of clothes we were back on the road.

Just two or three miles along we got to the Portage RV Park where we had made reservations. It seems that everyone is out in their RV's because of the nice weather. We will have to plan carefully on the weekends if we want to stay in a specific place. I think we are finally in the full swing of tourist season here. We are heading over to the group campfire for a while-- sounds like fun.

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