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What in the world can that title mean? I will explain in a moment but first I must tell you about the Wichita visit and our trip to Kansas City.

We returned to Flight Safety on Tuesday to see the friends we were unable to see on Monday. We had a fine time visiting with friends, with lots of hugs, handshakes, and comments like: "Are you coming back to work?", "You look all tanned and relaxed.", "RV life must agree with you." and many questions about our life style.

We went to dinner that evening with a group of 10 friends and had even more fun. It had rained pretty much all day, and continued into the night. We had decided to leave on Wednesday morning, so we said goodbye to our friends and returned to the RV.

After coffee on Wednesday morning we were happy that the rain had stopped long enough for us to get ready. We were on the road by 9:30 AM, driving in a gentle rain or heavy mist, all the way to Kansas City.

We decided , because of the rain, anticipated heavy traffic in the morning when we were supposed to take our RV to the dealer, and convenience sake, that we should call the dealer and see if we could leave our RV on his lot for the night. They could have it early on Thursday morning and we would just stay in a nearby motel. Everything worked out so we spent the night in a motel rather than a campground. That would not normally be our choice, but this just worked out better under the circumstances.

I must give you a little advice, learned from experience.

We notify the dealer or the factory whenever we have a problem with the RV. The service from both has been excellent. They have shipped us a new switch for the fireplace and a new wind sensor for the automatic awning retraction mechanism. The problem is that when I received those parts, I didn't need them right away so I put them away until they were needed when we had the maintenance done. The problem now is that I have been unable to find the new wind sensor. I completely unloaded the basement storage compartment, in the rain, without success. This morning we will search the interior completely.

My advice is to always put spare parts in the same place, where you will know where they are.

I will let you know how this all turns out. I guess it is all part of the adventure. :)

We are hopeful that we will head for Hannibal today. If we do that, I need to call the Mark Twain Cave Campground, to make sure it is ok to arrive a couple of days early.

In the meantime I will post some pictures for you.

We have had rain for days now, and the forecast is for more rain, continuing into next week. We can tolerate the rain and bad weather but life is a lot more fun in the sunshine. :)

Well, here we go. Can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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