Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

My new registration sticker still has not arrived so I called the Williamson County Tax Office. The woman checked the status and informed me that the envelope had been returned to them. I couldn't believe it! How difficult would it have been for the Postmaster to have written down the street address when I spoke with him and to have given it to the mail carrier? The tax office employee typed up another envelope, this time making sure the street address was on it. All I could do was just hope that a highway patrolman wouldn't stop me on my trip this week end. All of this stress because of my lousy mistake, which the tax office's computer system wouldn't allow me to correct!!! (Sigh)

So, off I went to take Daisy to Ancira Motorhomes of Temple for regular engine maintenance and to have the furnace and roof air conditioner cleaned and checked. The tech found a large dirt dauber nest in the furnace and an extra crispy dauber next to the flame. That dauber had to work hard to get inside because there's a screen over the opening. I also had a new toilet seat installed. That was my fault because I had pulled too hard on the seat while trying to straighten it and had broken the hinge. Grrr! I nearly croaked when I got my bill. I don't think I'll be going to Ancira again!!

While I was waiting, I had a nice visit with a couple from Detroit. They were working their way across the Sunbelt all the way from Florida to California. They were planning to spend a couple of nights in McKinney Falls State Park just outside Austin. When they learned that I have lived in Austin for several years, they asked for suggestions on what to see and do. I suggested a tour of the Capitol, the Bob Bullock State History Museum and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Just as I was ready to leave Ancira I saw fellow LoW club friend, Maxine, coming in. Her motorhome had failed inspection because none of her lights were working. I visited with her in the waiting room while the tech was working on her rig. Unfortunately, he could not find the source of the problem, so Maxine had to leave the motorhome there until they could figure out what was wrong and get it repaired.

I took Maxine home and she invited me to spend the night in her driveway. We had a nice dinner at her house that evening and breakfast the next day. The Ancira tech called her about mid-morning and said they had found the source of the problem but that they would have to wait for the ordered parts to arrive. She will be without her motorhome for about ten days and the estimated cost for the repairs is outrageous. I feel sorry for her.

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