South Africa - Spring 2006 travel blog

welcome to Anahita's home

gourmet dishes created here

new Atlanta aquarium

getting her uncle's wisdom

how many fish sticks would he make?

school of rays

Because our non stop flight to South Africa takes 18 hours from Atlanta and leaves in the morning, it made sense to come to here the day before. What made it a real treat is that our niece Anahita is a grad student here and it gave us a chance to spend a fun afternoon together. Ironically we had just seen one another two weeks ago at her sister's wedding, but before that it had been about three years since we had been together. Anahita has just moved to an attractive new apartment right down town. The flowers in her yard were blooming, her kitties were looking huggable, and I wished we could stay longer.

We all looked forward to seeing the highly regarded new aquarium. We arrived midafternoon and were glad to see the school buses pulling out, but it still felt like every tourist in Atlanta had had the same thought at the same moment that we did. It was so crowded we had to wait a bit before they would let us in. The aquarium boasts the largest tank in the world and it looked as big as an Imax theater screen. In one area the tank morphed into an acrylic tunnel you could walk through and it felt like we were scuba diving among the 100,000 fish swimming overhead. Because the tanks are so large and many of them are overhead, we could see well even though we were far from alone. The whale shark was sixteen feet long and with this huge tank, it had plenty of room to circulate among the others. Because the large fish are fed regularly, the little ones florish without becoming someone's lunch.Other exhibits featured penguins, sea otters and lions, and the yummiest looking crabs I ever did see.

Unfortunately Anahita had a night class and we did not want to jeopardize the straight A average she has thus far. This cut our visit short and gave us time to return to our hotel and share the day with you.

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