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Robert Duvall nor any other movie star was playing pool that day, but Tomas y Julia had a great time of it. Cafe Tortoni is an institution in Buenos Aires dating back to 1858. Besides movie stars, it has hosted presidents and numerous other dignitaries. Quite a place for a pool table, a few beers and some good laughs on our last day in Argentina.

And everyone should have the pleasure of first class bus travel once in their life. Inexpensive, yet excellent service and comfort. The trip from Bariloche to Buenos Aires passed quickly, except for the final hour of traffic in BA. And the front two seats on a double decker bus with an enormous window encircling your view makes an interesting perspective during a 20 hour journey.

Sadly today, we depart Buenos Aires. But we both agree it is time to move on, and so with some excitement we start the long flight back to San Francisco. It has been a fantastic first leg of our journey, with many memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for following along with us and hope you will continue as we move onto another continent.

So on our last entry from South America, here's some final thoughts ( our top 3, and for those that know Julia well, she loves her ¨top 3¨ lists):

What Julia will miss:

1. The dramatic and beautiful natural scenery of Patagonia..especially the mountains, clouds and glaciars.

2. The opportunity to practice spanish everywhere, any hour of the day or night.

3. The freshness of the Patagonian air and purity of the water in streams, rivers and lakes (all drinkable).

What Julia will not miss:

1. Pan, Jamon y queso...for every meal!

2. A very limited selection of rotten fruit and vegetables in most supermercados outside of major cities

3. The WIND! :-)

What Tomas will miss:

1. The spectacular nature

2. The wonderful spirit and hospitality of the Argentine and Chilean people

3. The wild and rugged places gravel roads allow access

What Tomas will not miss:

1. White bread, ham and cheese on white bread and milanesa con papas fritas (chicken fried steak with french fries and no vegetables), daily!

2. The maddeningly late (very late!) departure, for no reason, of Chilean transport

3. The gravel roads

Talk to you again soon,

Tomas y Julia

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