Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Black swans at Metung

Carved from the roots up

He was desperate to talk about the one that got away!

Simpson and his donkey - war hero

Lakes enter the sea hence 'Lakes Entrance'


Lakes Entrance walkway to the sea over the lake

Pelican wants to see if we are having fish for dinner

He's a big lad

Paul's attempt at getting a picture fail - but leave us with...

Next day we had an early start to accompany Pam on a work related trip for a couple of days to a place called Lakes Entrance on the Eastern side of Victoria, close to the New South Wales border. We made various stops on our trip out to Lakes Entrance, which we took advantage of by having a nosey around and filling our faces in cafes while Pam went off and did her thing in the Safeway's of the towns.

Arrived at Lakes Entrance late in the afternoon only to find it raining! Pam thinks we are cursed and we are starting to agree!

Despite the rain you could still see the beauty of the place. The sea actually comes inland and is formed into lakes by the sandbanks that have evolved.

Took a look at some lovely carvings made out of old trees that needed to be cut down.

Next day Pam finished early and we headed off to Metung to sit on the river at a beautiful restaurant and have a lovely roast beef dinner whilst keeping an eye on the pelican's and black swans.

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