Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Janie, Marilyn, Larry and Patricia Around Campfire

Gaylynn Mauldin at Campfire

This morning we sat around in a big circle and chatted over coffee for a while. Then the “shopaholics” left to do what they do best. Most of the others went to their rigs to watch the OU-UT football game. I tried once again to read my e-mails but the connection was extremely slow and sometimes was lost. Finally, I just gave up.

Tonight we ate leftovers from Thursday night. Then the silent auction items were distributed. I was outbid on the only item I really wanted but I spent a whopping 50 cents on a paper towel holder. It will be handy for picnics.

After dinner we sat around a campfire at the rig of Gaylynn Mauldin, a brand-new member. She told us that she loves campfires, so I predict that she will have one at every campout. It was a perfect evening for one.

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